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Leah's vacation

AZ Leah


Well, here goes nothing! I am just starting my blog today and I'm not sure what all a blog is for but I get the general drift! I stroked on May 24, 2006. and was in the hospital in rehab when 2 weeks later I had a large (aren't they all large?) brainstem stroke on June 7, 2006. "They were losing me" so I was put in a medically-induced coma and tubed. To make a long story short, it was pretty apparent I was going to make it after all, after hundreds of prayers from family, friends and people I didn't know, and so I was given a trachea and feeding tube and on July 7 taken off the ventilator. I did intensive rehab and then went home August 15, 2006, followed by intensive therapy, PT, OT, and speech. As they say, I've come a long way, baby. My biggest problems are walking (my left leg is bad, use a cane and limp; can hobble but not go far) and fatigue among other things.


I didn't know where else to put this, but my husband and I are taking our first driving vacation this Thursday from Tucson, Arizona, to Carlsbad, California. We rented a one bedroom with kitchen on the bottom floor with it's own small patio. My husband can watch the beach and I can be independent during the day. I took a deep breath and admitted I needed more help, so we are renting a wheelchair so we can go places in town without getting in the car. Six months ago I would have broken down and cried all week if I thought I was going to need a wheelchair. I need to add that my husband has been my #1 angel and caregiver through all of this.


Anyway, I do not have a laptop so will be away from the stroke board and I will definitely miss it. It may be a reason in the future to get a laptop. We are both retired and my stroke has put a dent in our traveling plans (I am grateful to be here, though, and not on the "other side"). So I shall end this first Leah blog and will check on all the posts when we return Sept 4. Keep up the spirits...I will. I am going to take my God with me - I know all will be good :giggle:


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hey Leah:


welcome to therupetic world of blogging. you have come so far, I am happy for your vacation plans, last time when we visited CA we stayed in carlsbad, lot of great beaches and great surfing area, you can just sit and watch people surfing, we used to have our morning breakfast on beach over there, it was lot of fun, I have great fond memory of CA




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Welcome to the blog community. Hope your vacation is fantastic. You and your #1 Angel/Caregiver deserve the time away. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest lwisman


Hi Leah,


I just wanted to add that a wheelchair is a tool. It is a very helpful tool. With it your world can expand.


Have a great time in California!

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Congratulations on starting a blog, I try to but end up just sitting staring at the blank page .... I don' know what to write about ....


You've done a GREAT job of your first blog !


Hope you have a wonderful time in California.





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leah, good job on your 1st blog, you did great. as lin said a wc is a tool to help you on the recovery journey. i use one for long distances even after 5 yrs out from a stroke. one day hopefully you will no longer need one. i'm sure your #1 angel is glad you are still with him in retirement. enjoy your ca trip, you sure deserve it. have a safe trip and wonderful time, we expect to hear all about it when you return. god bless you both.

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Thank you everyone for your support. I will take your wishes with me on our trip. We have gone every year for the last 22 but missed last year due to my stroke (we also missed an important wedding). Now we get to visit the bride and groom in their first house! the ocean is always calming for me so I know this will be heavenly. See ya all later.



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