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nursing school starts



yes after 2 yrs of waiting to get into nursing school, it has started and my son matthew is nervous and excited, but so far so good. the 1st day was abit overwhelming, but thats to be expected i guess. he is already involved in a study group after his 4hour class on pharmacology. i told him i might be able to help him there from experience in my hippie years,lol just kidding his wife, now teacher is also a certified pharmacy technician so she will be a big help. bless her heart. as if she doesn't have enough to do. she works all day teaching, is a cheer coach at her school, she tutors kids also and other numerous odds and ends she does at school plus helping her siblings with their school work. she has a smaller step brother and sister. she is amazing in all she does. i love her like my own daughter. her name is tonya and she wants to go back to school and get her masters, but she'll wait for matthew to finish his nursing school. she wants children so badly but i told her she has no time to fit them in her schedule now, wait for alittle while, she's only 25 and has plenty of time to have kids, although i want grandkids just as badly but i can wait. otherwise, the freezer finally got fixed, now we can refill it again. yipeee i am kept busy with my volunteer work here at strokenet, more so this week it seems with all the website problems, members are having but so is everyone else who volunteers here. hopefully the glitches will be fixed soon. all in all the past few weeks have gone by fast. i hope everyone has a good week too. off to chat now.


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Kimmie a hippie? :cocktail: Free love :wub2: and all that..lol! Flowers everywhere! :forgive_me?: :thankyou: ..Congrats on your Son and his starting of school His wife does sound amazing..Wow! you have an amazing family Kim!
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Good for Matthew.. yes Tonya's pharmacy assisting will be a big help. and your back ground also.. just asking him questions for tests and being able to pronounce the medical terms.


Glad the freezer is working again.. Yes the summer is almost gone.. and it has been a busy week.







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I wish Matthew the best of luck in nursing school. Tonya is such a delightful gal; I'm sure her students adore her; it's good she can help Matthew with his studies. Was our Kim a flower child?


Glad the freezer is functional once again, that's a great way to save with shopping. Yes, summer is winding to a close although out in your "neck of the woods" it takes forever for the temps to coincide with the time of year.


I'm looking forward to my first true autumn in 13 years. :D

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