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big business

lady k


in case you were wondering do i go around and everyday is a good day, the answer is no definatly not.I just got through with getting the flat forehead award once again.the electric co decided hey could not wait for my paperwork for thecosigner of my electric in lieu of deposit, so Friday they turned off the electric, they insist they sent a notice out, but the one i got said the 29th,

i called and just paid the deposit, i just got paid Wednesday, so when they processed the amount they entered it twice, so i went round and round with bank and electric co, then over 24 hours later i finally got electric service, just big business in action, i kept getting promises that would be on but no go. I slept at friends house, and the spasms from the stress and extra exercise plus heat, in the 90's, kept me up most of night, that and severe headache, then kept saying they had up to 48 hours to restore service. I had to really pray about not being bitter. kitty and i got through it, surprisingly the apartment didn't get as bad as it could of, only in the 80's. she is still miffed with me, especially as carol has a dog who loves me, so her dog slept with me and licked my leg during the bad spasms, i think kitty thinks i had fun. she has told me all about her time here by herself, and now has curled up in a box next to me for a nap. well what doesn't defeat us makes us stronger, hopefully. so now i feel like a very tired superwoman.


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Heh there Superwoman! You prevailed and electric issue was resolved :Clap-Hands: Sorry to hear that you had to endure all that stress. You know the saying - God only gives us what we can handle? At times I feel He just likes to push my buttons to see how far he can go. When things work out or resolve, I utter a sigh of relief and a "Thank You" - which I'm sure you did too. Hang in there. Kitty will forgive you in her time. Mom was with a D.O.G. YUCKPOOOYYYEEEE - you have dog germs.

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lady k, what a mess huh, sorry you had to go through that c___. i don't understand how these companys get away with how they treat people, especially disabled ones. anyway its over and you got through it, you are a superwoman. kitty will come around, she just wants to make sure she has you to herself again. sorry if kitty is a him, i forget,lol

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Sorry about all that stuff. You should tell the Electric company you are disabled.. you can have your Dr write a note to have on file.. they can't turn off your power.


Well kitty will forgive you, she just has to grumble and let you know... and NEW smells on mom..yucky.


We have a cat ... she lives with 6 dogs..lol... sometimes she even washes one of them.

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