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I am glad to be back



It feels so incredible to be back after well over a month of NO INTERNET! UGH! It's so amazing how addicting and how much I depend on the internet for information. How many things I wanted to investigate, people to talk to....


Well here's what's we have all been up to:

We had a great trip going back to Iowa and Illinois last month. We put over 2200 miles on the car driving around to see everyone! Just call me the road warrior...


Patrick finally got his Bioness about two weeks ago and has been enjoying the therapy. We will go back again in about a week to work with the therapist some more. Because Patrick already has OT with another therapist, I have to pay 100% out of pocket for each visit with the bioness therapist. As you can imagine, we have to keep these visits to a bare minimum. This therapist will be giving his regular OT ideas on what to work on with him also. No one is expecting miracles, but if it helps- it helps!


Brandon has just started school again, today was his second day. Everyone else in the world seems happy when their kids go back to school except me. Brandon struggles with school (and motivation to do any schoolwork) that I live for the day when summer arrives. This year I decided to offer him monetary compensation as an incentive for doing well in school. BIG money.

I have never really agreed with that principle, but I decided it would be money well spent if it gets him to succeed in school and allow family unity (mostly my sanity). I hope it works.


My big update is that I joined weight watchers Aug. 7th and have lost just shy of 10lbs! I want to loose at least 30 more, 40 would be outstanding. Right now I am just focusing on losing it a few pounds a week. It's alott less intimidating to look at it one week at a time rather than how far I have to go before I reach my goal weight.


Patricks parents and sister joined in March, and I was shocked by how thin they looked from when I saw them in April. While we were in Iowa visiting them, I asked my MIL about weight watchers and she inspired me to join. I hope I can have that dramatic of weight loss in 6 months too!


Well anyway, thats all for now. I hope I can catch you all in chat soon... I feel so out of the loop!


Take Care,



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Wow, welcome back o road warrior and soon to be slim one. The first few weeks of any diet or lifestyle change are the hardest so prepare to overcome some barriers as you adjust. And try not to stamp on your nearest and dearest which is what I usually do if I give up some of my favourite foods.


This site is addictive and, rightly so, you should feel a loss when all of your lovely friends here are not available. But you are back now and that is what counts.




PS Read my blogs and that will catch you up on my grandson news.

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So glad you guys had a great trip. Being computerless/Strokenetless is horrible in my opinion. I was off for 4 days while moving and I was going stir-crazy. Glad to see you're back in the loop. Best of luck o Patrick on the Bioness and to you for Weight Watchers. Try not to get discouraged as you hit plateaus. Are you doing before/after pics?


Like you, I never agreed with the monetary reward system - but whatever works - you've got enough going on and need to maintain your sanity.

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I was so happy to see your blog, and your update, we do want to see before and after picture in swimming costume. glad you had great time with family and friends. you do have busy life with Patrick and Brandon. hope monetary system works but don't give it to him for spending, you should keep tab of the money or else you won't know what he is spending money in.







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HI WELCOME BACK.. I forgot about your trip and was wondering about you the other day. :)


Glad the trip was fun for all. Road Warrior..


I dont remember Brandon's age. Bill (my grandson) was in one school was having some problems .. mostly with the class "bully" I made 2 baskets.. with baggies of favorite candy, match box cars, little things. some envelopes with 25 or 50 cents. The 2nd basket had a little bigger prizes. He had a slip .each teacher graded him on his behavior. If he got over a certain amount of Goods he got to pick from the smaller basket, at the end of the week. we added up the scores. and if over a certain amount got a prize from the bigger prize basket.


Another yr.. he got 20.00 a month if he kept his grades C or above.


Bribery? ok maybe.. I liked to think of it as incentive.. Like working for a paycheck.


Good luck to you all and to Patrick and the Bioness :) Welcome back we missed you too

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blessed are they who hunger and thirst for they are following their diet... thought it was a bit funny and might give you a chuckle... good luck with Brandon and hubby... :lol: :lol:

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Thanks Deenie, it did give me a chuckle!


Bonnie, he is 16, and money is definitely his kind of motivation- I like the idea of doing it on a monthly basis...


Thanks for everyone's encouragement about the diet, I need it!



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hi kristen, souns like youv'e been busy lately, glad you had a good trip. money is always a motivator to teens. good luck with it, it is harder for kids in high school i think. peer pressure is the worst. great news about the diet and weight watchers. be sure to focus on you now and a few lbs at a time, they all add up in the end. i wish you all the best, i know how hard it is but you can do it. i had lost over 50lbs before my stroke but now they came back,AARRGG. but they are slowly dropping off. i hope the bioness works for hubby also. keep us posted on how he does.

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