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my breaking heart



well my nerves are at wits end. my son's dog again has come into trouble. he wasn't feeling well for a day or so and he yelped severely when you picked him up. so off to the vet again. come to find out he was running a 105 degree temp, bloody stools, panting alot, so we all were stressing big time. the vet picked him up with him crying. something is wrong, took xrays, finding 3 discs in his back were damaged. the pain was causing stress and that was causing everything else. dauchands (sp?) with their long spines are prone to this. so he"s in solitary confinement for 3 wks. his crate only let out to go outside to potty. on numerous meds to help with pain and reduce inflammation. they want him to rest, no excitement or jumping. he is kept in their room crated during the day with the tv on for company. he's breaking my heart with his whining and barking during the day, not to mention my nerves. i know this is for his own good so he can heal. he wants to come out so bad and be with his fellow critters and me during the day, and i miss his company so i open their door to say hi each day and see his sad little face. this week is almost over and with the long weekend coming the kids will be here to comfort him and my nerves can rest, i hope. i just hate feeling so helpless to do something for him. i hate to see animals caged or crated like that. i always have felt that way. i love animals of all kinds, they deserve their natural habitat, food and good treatment by mankind. i have my views as others have theirs. michael vick needs to be punished severely for what he has done. sorry i just had to slip that in. dawson and i will have to endure this for a couple more weeks and hopefully when he feels better he will understand why he was confined, not to punish him but to help him. wish us both luck we will need it. i hope everyone has a safe and fun labor day weekend. to add more to the pot, their cat is inheat so she trys to outdo dawson with her own noise. oh well it could be worse i guess, lol


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I hope the treatment for Dawson is successful - bless his heart, the poor baby doesn't understand what is happening to him. As you said, week one is just about completed, here's to hoping the remaining 2 weeks move along uneventful for him and for you as well. I think the kitty needs to visit a spay clinic :blink: Crystal is spayed (thank goodness) but when it storms her meowing resembles a kitty in heat - Bless all of you.

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I haven't replied in so long I forgot how. i have 2 dachsunds (4 in my whole life) and the back thing is a heartbreaker! But they have this knowledge to lie still and it will heal all by itself. mine was facing over $1,000 in surgery but acted like an idiot when I got her to the specialist so he sent her home on medicine and it healed.

The 2 I have now are crate trained. I never had crate trained and thought it was cruel so gave them the run of the laundry room. Bad idea! They didn't know what to do with all that space so they just kept messing in it. i got tired of it and put them back in the crate while I work and at night and they feel safe now and no more wet floors.

I hope by the weekend your pup is feeling better. it's hard to keep them from jumping up but you must make sure he doesn't for awhile. Good luck! It's the "eyes" and "the look" that kill ya'!

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AWWW. I feel for you both.. Molly our min pin had to have the head of the femur removed when she was 6 months old. This little tiny min pin with 11 staples down her leg. She is great now. the one leg is a little shorter, but she runs and plays, and jumps on the couch.. You would never know. that the leg is not connected to the hip socket.


We followed Dr's directions after surgery and I did little massages and PT on her leg. She is now 9 yrs old.


Best wishes and hugs to you and Dawson.. from Bonnie, Tasha, Muggsy, Molly, Romeo, Mindy and Alyese and Chomper (our kitty) ... she is fixed there is not too many things worse than a female cat in heat ..LOL


off to the spay clinic soon.. they can come in heat every month or 2 .. until they are bred .. or fixed. Many of our clinics here have Low cost spaying and neutering. Contact your local animal shelter for Vet's who have specials on neutering.

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Awe, poor baby!

At least Dawson should feel better when this is all over with. I hope the next two weeks go by quickly for you both!


Take Care,


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thankyou to everyone for your kind replys. dawson is better this weekend and thinks he is all healed, they put his xrays on a cd for us to look at and you can clearly see the 3 discs they are trying to heal. dawson is in his crate out in the front room with me and is now sleeping on his back with his feet up in the air, what a life, huh. he is so funny. i guess the meds knock him out good. he's comfy at the moment,lol his mom and dad are over at her mothers so i am doggy sitting for awhile. the cat is quiet now, thank goodness. so maybe i'll catch a few zzzzzz's myself. have a good labor day.

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