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Bonsai Canteloupe. LOL



Many, many years ago when I was about 9, I planted a watermelon seed - in New Jersey. The soil wasn't exactly for it. It did start to grow and being a kid, I stuck my nail in it to see if it was "real" and of course that killed it.


About 2 months ago, I planted some canteloupe seeds in pots and one really took off and started to grown. I watched it as you would a child. It got to be the size of a tangerine and was starting to get too heavy to just hang, so I raised it and rested it on a pot turned upside down. The weight caused it to get cut on the edge of the box. The lawn people were here and I don't know if they knocked it but it a day ago, it appeared to be in very bad shape. The leaves had dried up and it was turning yellow. Today, it was just attached with a thread of stem and so I vut it off. It was the size of a small orange and the bottom of it looked just like the "skin of a canteloupe. I brought it inthe house and cut it in half and it was a perfect miniature canteloupe! Seeds and all. So I took a teaspoon and scooped out the flesh and the taste was so very good and so sweet. Imade my sister eat the other half (LOL) and she thought I was fooling and that it was terible and was also surprised.


I guess, it should have been transferred to the ground but the weather has been so hot that it would have dried up as the pepper and tomato plants my sister planted. Just can not get enough water on them and of course they must get sun.


It was a great eperience and next year, I guess I'll try one earlier and use a huge pot. Guess, planting it won't be permitted in wetland.............but that will be another blog.


It was a great experience! Who knows, maybe I've discovered something new - Bonsai canteloupes! :roflmao:


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phyllis, sorry about your fruit, but at least it tasted good. so bonsai away and we will look forward to a bigger crop next year. maybe it should start out in the ground and not the pot. good luck.

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Yes Phyllis, I do believe you're on to something with your bonsai cantaloupe. This could become an instance of "we knew you when" as you become rich and famous for "hot-house" cantaloupe. Way to Go Girl :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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Good for you! You grew something! And it tasted great!


The only things I can raise are weeds, kids and a lit of bit of hell.


In the town I used to live, all our neighbors had beautifully landscaped lawns with flowers, shrubs and trees. Then there was our yard. I have beautiful pictures in my mind as to how I want my gardens to look but the reality is quite different.


I tried all kinds of things. One year, I went out to the woods and found ferns (I love ferns) and Tiger Lillies. I brought those back and planted them. The Tiger Lillies grew up to just the height and they were so easy to care for. The ferns died because they had the afternoon sun (and maybe not enough water...), which was hot.


The next year, the Tiger Lillies grew too high for my liking and so I had the bright idea of digging them all up. Trust me, you may as well dig your way to China because that is what I did!


Finally, I fell onto the idea of Mulch Gardens :). This was great. The first year, I went out and bought chipped mulch. I spread it around the gardens, as you are suppose to do, and kept them watered. I watered them once a week religiously. There were no flowers or shrubs. Just Mulch.


The next year, I bought Mulch Chips. The year after that, I bought Mulch Nuggets. I could just imagine our neighbors' sigh of relief as they saw me lay down the mulch and say to themselves, "Finally, the Klakrings are doing something with their lawn.


The Mulch Gardens were a big hit w/ me. They were well defined, they didn't die and needed only a little bit of water. I don't like when I kill a plant. I have killed off some very hearty plants in my life, too. Philodendron, Ivy...to name a couple. Take Care. LK

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