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Shopping with my DAUGHTER



If you all have read my blog, you know this past week has been hard on me. Its hard to see another person in pain and not be able to take that pain away or to make things better for them. I feel so helpless.


But I didn't want time to pass without mentioning a rainbow that came into my life during the couple of days I heard about my friend's son's death. For a few hours, I forgot.


Out of the blue, my DAUGHTER called and asked if I was ready to shop. "'Til I dropped, I thought." I was so excited, she was coming into town to shop and asked me to come with her! I haven't had my hair cut in over (6) months and I was sure I could find some money I could separate myself from. She came down w/ her grandmother, which made it all the merrier and to top it off, her 1st mother was going to meet us to help my daughter separate herself from some of her money.


I have to say, I want to shop w/ these ladies ALL the time. They know how to shop. They found bargains I never would have found. When I shop, "They" see me coming and up the prices another 50%...they must have a teacher to thank as they see "SUCKER" written on my forehead. There was a pair of jeans I found in a beautiful green color and if I had that store's credit card and my Co-Mom's coupons, I could have bought these jeans for FREE. As it was, I paid a mere $6.00 for them. All in all, there weren't a lot of my $$$ that found a new home. The best part: I found I now wear a size 6!! How cool is that. I think I need a new wardrobe now.


It was so much fun. Towards the end, my walking became more of a lurch but I don't think I got any funny looks; everyone in that position of shopping til dropping know what hard work it is. :) Take Care. LK


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Hey Lucy!


Congrats on the shopping expedition.....a size 6....in my dreams I'd wear a size 6 lol. I was a plus size gal pre-stroke and though I've lost alot, will never see size 6 except in my dreams :cloud9: I think another shopping trip is needed to find you some more bargains. Enjoy! Glad you were able to divert your sadness; please don't feel guilty though about having fun. Life does go on - you survived the stroke for a reason - live it to the fullest.

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Glad you had fun and great sales. I am a sales shopper too...lol. Yes as Donna says, live life, you have survived. Take time to think of your friend and her son, but that doesn't mean to get stuck in sadness.

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I do believe in having fun in this life. It is my number one rule. I did have fun and I hope another expedition is in the near future w/ my DAUGHTER.


I got my comeuppance. The beautiful green jeans I found that were a hair's breadth away from being free (theoretically)? I did not try them on in the store as I knew they would fit me. When I got around to wearing them, I zipped up the zipper and found the tab was missing. So everytime I did anything strenuous, the zipper zipped down. So the new jeans will now cost me more to get the zipper replaced! Shame on me: I know the first rule of shopping is to try everything on, no matter what. :) Take Care. LK

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