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Anti-coagulate Lupus - ugh...

Billie Jo


Well, after seeing the blood doctor on Monday this week... he claimed the reason for my strokes were possibly due to a condition called Anti-Coagulate Lupus. It isn't like the lupus we think of a rash... not at all. It is that my blood is thick and clots. So, they put me on 2 Aggronox a day and have me on a strict diet of nothing more than chicklets and dust! haha not really... but about as bad. They want my cholestorol levels to be below 100! So.. that means very little meat and lots of raw veges and fruits. hmmm... I want a snickers right now as I type this.. haha

Good thing I had a nice big T-Bone and baked tator with loads of sour cream on Sunday. The nurse told me to savor that memory.. Haha

I am to be on this regime for 2 months then they will test again and we will go from there.


So for now.. that is all that is new here.

Still exercising and keeping busy.


chat ya all later :)


Billie Jo


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Hi Billie Jo (BJ),


Welcome to the blog community. Was great meeting you in Chat tonight as well. That diet doesn't sound like too much fun but hopefully it can be amended as you go along.


For now, remember the taste of the no-no's. Perhaps a bite here n there would be ok - ask the doc. The doc just wants you healthy.

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hey BillyJo:



if changing eating habits can reduce risk of stroke go for it. I am glad atleast you have found resons for your previous strokes.





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hi billie jo, i also am glad they found the reasons for your strokes. hopefully the diet can be amended as you go along. remember our bodies make cholesterol so the less we add from food , the better, i am on 2 blood thinners and cholesterol meds. hopefully you can have a bite every now and then of a candy bar. you will be alot better if you follow your doctors wishes. good luck

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Thank you all for your comments! It is so nice to know I can come here and feel better instantly knowing I have people that know what I am talking about :) Thank you all again!


Billie Jo

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