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Just Tooling Around



I think I may have mentioned my intention of driving my Miata around locally. I was excited but by the same time scared. The driveway was cleared out and I was free to go. It was like the door to the bird's cage was open to freedom, yet the bird did not leave. I ruminated about things that could happen and I started scaring myself.


At heart, I am a coward. But I don't think that is the way to live this life. If I had cowered in the corner all my life, I'd have been missing out on a whole bunch of wonderful adventures I had, not to mention the concomitant emotions I felt during scary times and then the exhilaration I felt in successfully completing those adventures. I don't like to be scared so I threw all that aside and after admitting how upset I would be if I got a scratch on my car, off I went.


It was a beautiful day. I should've put the top down but I didn't. I drove around town, which has a very speedy speed limit of 25 mph. I made it up to 2nd gear (Whoo-Hoo!). I did get on a road that had a speed limit of 30 mph. I was flying :) It was great. The streets are narrow but I did not hit anything nor did anything hit me.


I don't know if I will ever be the driver that I was, but I am enjoying tooling around town. Today, I went out to two stores on errands and came back scathless. I was very proud of the fact that I went out and foraged for food and came back w/ a package of breadsticks, like the brave hunter/provider for my family. Today tired me out more than yesterday but I know I will get stronger. I don't how long it will take to get me out on a highway and back to regular driving. I will just take it easy and enjoy the ride. LIFE IS GOOD.


I marvel that I came back from being paralyzed from the neck down, that I survived a brainstem bleed stroke (My aunt died of an AVM in her braintstem at about the same age I was when I had my stroke--and she wasn't originally diagnosed as having the flu!) to walking and now driving. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Take Care. LK


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Good Going and Congrats. I was released by PT and Dr to drive, I didn't feel ready. so I waited a bit.. then I started with short drives.. just a mile or so. Now I do drive on the freeway.. BUT it is only 2 lanes.. and some 3 lanes. I don't drive in Seattle or BIG city traffic. Just take your time, get comfortable.. and enjoy.. wishing you all the best

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Congrats on the successful cruisin as well as getting the courage to do so. I miss not driving. When the stroke hit, I owned a mercury cougar. Due to financial concerns, I had to get rid of it. I got another car - a poor station wagon that was ready to throw its tires in the air and die. About 9 months into ownership, she did just that. It's now been 1 1/2 yrs. I hope to get wheels again - really miss driving. As I have to get re-used to driving in Pittsburgh, I'm not in any great hurry. Kiddo may have wheels before Mom does lol.

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I know just how you feel. Going from right side paralisis, to wheelchair, walking, and then being set free after numerous tests by the DMV to drive. Isn't it wonderful to have our freedom back? Just to cruise, stop for an ice cream, just the simplest things like going to the store for milk is an adventure.

Glad to see that you're enjoying life again, I am as well and feeling extremely fortunate I'm able.



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congratulations on your driving trips, I know it must feel so great to b able to go somplace finish the eraand and come back home unharmed feels like bird, now that I drive local I even now appreciate taking mom to garage sale, which I used to hate b4, I m back to my younger years where you want to drive everywhere.



you have come so far and it's going to get better.




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fantastic news to be free, i'm still dreaming of the day when i'm released from this torment and get my life back.


:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Its slow going.


Asha--Its because of you that I am driving locally. Well, that and the fact that no one could take me to my friend when she was in need. But because of what you have written, I thought I could just drive locally. I think that's a great idea and s great starting block. I know I have to take it slowly. I drive around my little village and out to the 4-lane highway to go to the grocery store. After coming home from shopping for a few things, I am wiped out.


Awesome Ken--Just keep at it. From your earlier writings, I know you are motivated. Your writings have kept me going when I am down and doubt if I will recover sufficiently.


I love driving my car but there are days when I can't focus as well as other days and so those days, I don't drive. Also, I think the driving and shopping (OK w/ the jokes! :) ) exhaust me so this is going to slow my progress in driving to other places.


My family loves that I am driving now and they think I am "On the Road Again." They don't realize I can't drive long distances. Right now, driving to Annapolis, about 15 minutes away, is out of bounds for me. I have a hard time explaining it to them.


But I am happy with what I have presently. Take Care. LK

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