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My goings on



My how time flies when you're having fun!


I actually have been fighting with various state and federal agencies for some time now trying to acquire benefits that are due me. I guess if that's supposed to be fun, well then that's what's been occupying my time.


I am now approved to receive SSDI benefits. It only took 10 months. I think at times they like to drag their feet to see if you give up on the process. I have prevailed though. Yea! I had to go to a couple of exams they required; a general lookover and a mental acuity exam. I guess that was what pushed it through, as I was approved in less than a month after the exams. I know I did poorly on the short term memory part of the exam. I haven't had the best memory since my stroke. I can remember things from long ago, but cant remember why I was headed to the kitchen for something while on my way there. I have learned to laugh at myself about those moments now, but at times they can still be frustrating.


I have produced a few Public Service Announcements for the StrokeNetwork for radio stations. Currently they are airing on Internet radio stations only, but it is exposure for the site. The spots are positive and upbeat and do ask to visit the site and ask for financial support of the organization. It was fun putting them together. I'll probably put a couple more together in a month or so to give the stations running the PSA's a new and fresh sound then.


I'm still running my own Internet station and having fun with it. I'm always looking for ways to improve it and my website, and I learn new things almost daily. This has been my most time consuming project generally, but a joyful one, unlike the persistence I've had in getting my claims for benefits approved, which wasn't that much fun. Anyway, the station has been gaining listenership and for that I'm appreciative.


I need to clean the bathroom today. I take one area of my apartment one day a week and do a general cleanup. That way I don't get too overwhelmed and it makes life easier. So now I'm off to do my list of chores for the day.


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Congratulations on your SSDI award. You should also be getting money retroactive to when you filed, which does help ease the "pain" that you were caused. Short term memory issues stink. With recently moving, we are still finding odds and ends that we need to obtain - one I found was a timer. The other day, I was doing some baking that I had promised my kiddo I would do. I had one heck of a time remembering when the brownies would be done :head_hurts: Fortunately, they were edible.


Smart move to break down chores into daily tasks so not to become overwhelmed. Glad to hear all is going well with your projects as well.

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Glad the SSDI finally went through. Yes short term memory problems, can be frustraiting..at times.. I use sticky notes a lot. (as long as I remember to look at them..lol)I also use timers for various things.. again.. sometimes they "ding" and I have to think about why it is "dinging"..Glad you are enjoying the radio station, the one spot I heard was VERY NICE!!

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Hey guys I use a timer and sticky notes all the time and I never had a stroke.. I live by notes to me for the next day and have a note pad and pen by my bed so I can jot down my morning plans for the next day in case I remember something in mean time. About me I have been busy tryinhg to get our life back to some sort of order as it was before hubby's stroke and am going to try and blog at least once a week... Have to remember how... :happydance: :bouncing_off_wall: :laughbounce:

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