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My best friend...



:unsure: On Moday I had to have my dog "Lily" put to sleep. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life. But, it was the humane thing to do. She was suffering, not eating, and losing weight (a nasal tumor, plus arthritis and bad hips). She was in my life for 12 years, my best friend. She was an Australian Shepherd, a white furry bundle of love. Everything I do reminds me of her.


Dogs are such loving and caring companions. She knew it was her time. I'm convinced that she knew, because one night she threw her whole body over my legs as I was laying on the couch. She'd hadn't done that since she was a puppy. It was her way of saying goodbye to me. She didn't eat for 2 days after that night. But, somehow managed to get up Monday and walk down the steps and get in my Moms car and we took her to the vet. It was by the strength of God, I'm sure.


She will be sadly missed by me forever. I loved her so much. I'm going to have her ashes put with mine when I pass away. Her ashes were placed in a pretty wooden box with stained-glass flowers etched on top with her name. Somehow I feel comfort in knowing her earthly remains are with me.


She was my one of a kind, my "Lily Girl"... This is a tribute to her.. Momma loves you forever & ever.. :)


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What a wonderful dog, Lilly was. Please tell me about the characteristics, traits an attributes of and Australian Shepard.


I am sure she was saying good-bye to you. Dogs are wonderful creatures. All dogs are different. I have had lots of dogs in my life. I've had dogs with a sense of humour, dogs who are stubborn, intelliegent and, yes, stupid dogs. They all have brought different facets into my life to make it more colorful. Lily was one of a kind.


My father had a Golden Retriever who absolutely adored him and he adored her. She died shortly before he did and we tossed their ashes together. It was nice to think that my Dad and his trusty dog were together in heaven. It gave us solace. Take Care. LK

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your blog brought tears to my eyes again for i too lost my best friend this year. i feel for you as i know how heartbreaking this is to go through. yes our best friends will tell us when its their time to go. our pets are amazing in that respect. i too have my friend ready to be buried with me. she was my heart and we will miss them and love them forever. and see them again at the rainbow bridge. they will look up one day and see us coming, they will be running, whole again to come to us and never leave our side again, giving us alot of kisses,tails wagging endlessly. i yearn for that day, as you will too.

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