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Hey, I'm back.



[ Hey, I am back! Hell it has been about 10 months since I last blogged and this is my yearly blog. I went to Europe and was there for a month and a half. It was from the middle of December, 2006. Until February 8 2007 when we left Munich to return home. My brother and I Stayed with some wonderful people who not only put me and my brother up but spent a small fortune on us by paying for everything. In addition, I mean everything hotels, meals, riverboat trips. Rail fares and airfares. My older brother felt guilty as hell but as if I told him, they surely would not have done it unless they wanted to. The connection to the Von Noys was through me Being as I was Best friends with their youngest son Hans. My oldest brother James married their oldest daughter Sophie. Hans and I introduced them to one another 25 years ago while we were in New York City. My brother James and Hans


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