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beijing wrapup/last note on tianjin



hi...it's been a while since my last entry...i became so disenchanted with china i couldn't blog any more about it...tiantin puhua hospital offered a well designed rehab program that unfortunately did next to nothing for me thusfar...receiving the stem cells via lumbar puncture was something i wanted however...overall the hospital is run poorly with not enough consideration granted to the western patients...i'll gladly share the details about this with anyone considering going...i still hold gratitude that i have had all that acupuncture and now stem cells in me working toward function return...i took the actions, the results will be what they are but i do have peace of mind now that i exhausted the major treatment options that china had to offer me as a stroke survivor...i'm currently touring vietnam and enjoying it immensely...i'm booked to return home on october 1!!!!


a footnote on tianjin: unbelievably enough after email guarantees by ruth lycke herself that the unused portion of my payments for my treatment in tianjin are being returned, i have not seen a dime...now i've been put in the position to turn this collections matter over to my attorney...this is the final kick in the pants...china connection is nothing more than a sleazy operation that i can now wholeheartedly say to all stroke survivors: STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS RIP OFF!!!!...most of the new content on their web site are outright lies...i say this having first hand knowledge...the karma police will get ruth lycke (hopefully AFTER my attorney)...but seriously, please speak to me before investing so much time and money if you or someone you know are considering going to tianjin...i will also provide you with no less than half a dozen other survivors who can share their experiences with you...


i'll be in beijing for 6 nights before coming home...i have an appointment with an acupuncturist

associated with a clinic that works with stroke survivors...i'll post my experiences!




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rich, i am so sorry you are having a bad experience with this facility. i remain in high hopes for you that you reap the rewards you are looking for from the whole experience. i stay strong in always receiving treatment in the good old usa for that kind of money, but i do understand your reasons for going in the 1st place. china is not high on my list of treating americans to kindly lately. i hope your acupuncture sessions go well or you. then get back home and deal with the other financial issues. i wish you luck as always

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Sorry to hear things have not gone well for you in China and with that organization. Thank you for providing us with updates. Enjoy your trip to Korea and be safe. Also, best of luck with your acupuncture treatments. Best of luck in getting the financial issues resolved.

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