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Still remember



I can still remember how I felt then I could make a difference that if the world needed to be changed then me and my generation were the ones to do it. Yes, I know this was all pre Vietnam. Pre Watergate, pre global warming pre energy crisis pre 9-11. However, upon reflection my generation did make a difference. I still had yet to find out that we preferred love to war honesty and integrity to cover ups and lying ecology to big business and convenience but would non the less make a lot of mistakes along that road like drugs and sexually transmitted diseases disco and reality television. Joking aside the reunion should be interesting it will be ten years since I have seen most of theses individuals. I think people have a tendency to change less and less as they grow older personality wise but of course, the physical changes can be quite stunning. More lines more wrinkles less height and more weight. In just the last four years, I have gained and lost about 35 pounds, gone from a 34-inch waist to a 38 and lost about an inch in height going from 6ft 6inchs to 6

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hey Clark:


even with all these outer changes you are still you, what makes you tick as human being is still there even with stroke. I find myself post stroke much better person. as we grow old we learn and grow into spirituality due to our life experiences.




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