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happy friday everyone



I love to laugh and look at things as 1/2 full not 1/2 empty, if i didn't I would be a big puddle of tears and depression. Dave has told me a few times that I am very entertaining... which I do take as a compliment.

So today is a little about me for a minute.. I am only 43..sheesh never thought I would say "only 43" hahaha, but I have finally admitted to myself that I might be in peri menopause, the last few months I have been waking up several times a nite in my own personal swimming pool....hot cold hot cold, its a wonder i don't catch pneumia. Not to be crass, but obviously when you get a little older things aren't exactly where they were when you were 16... now when you lie on our back you have to keep your arms by your side in order to keep your "chest" where it once was.. so tell me, how in the world can you get a puddle of sweat on your chest when your breasts have now fallen like a mudslide all but around to your sides... this amazes me! Oh well. And, the extra weight lately.. oh la la.... it's not like I am eating extra, but my pants are a little tighter... I keep telling myself that the drier is not working properly and is shrinking my clothes, hahahaha...

Dave is having a good day so far, he wants me to take him to Menards latter, there are some things that he "needs" he has his list all ready. His daughter came over last nite with her pet "ferret, Rascal" for a bit.. Dave was trying to call the ferret to him, but couldn't think of the name.. so he called him the Mule Rambo... told him it was close enough, but its not a mule... we all grinned.. Dave now wants to get the ferret a little back pack and make him into a little mule... for next time. We certainly do have fun at times, god I love that man. (sigh and smile)

Everyone have a great weekend, you are all in my prayers.






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Hope you and Dave have a good weekend as well :big_grin: I love your sense of humor!! Post stroke, I lost a sh**load of weight, which was a good thing as I was a plus-size gal (definitely attributed to stoke along w/other things). But, now, what I am left with disappears when I lie on my back. There ain't nothin there, yet they sweat during the night. Instead of a revolving door - it's revolving covers for me. No wonder when I get up in the morning it looks like a war broke out in my bed :nuts:

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hey Anne:


for me post stroke weight, age is no big problem, i now have bigger problem of stroke in my hand, so I don't sweat small stuff, I too love your sense of humor, there is always big smile on my face reading your blog. have a great weekend




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