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5'2" - what can I do?



I.m always looking for one time jobs as icing on the cake and so when I found one that seemed to be ok for me and was 4 times a year to boot, I applied and got 4 locations.


The job consists of going to a Citgo station and putting in 6 forms of POP (brochures, signs etc.) I should have known when I went to the first pace that I was in for trouble. Their parking area was all filled and when I tried to get a space on the other side a car beat me. So I decided to start at the furthest place, The Country Store which is 7 rural blocks from Hickory Street where I am going to be living- home to me.


Of course, I went to the porperty 1st to see what the rain had done- weeds! Then I went to the station.


The first form I decided to do was to put 12" x 18" signs in the frames on top of the pumps. There is a slot on the top and you are supposed to take 2 signs and slip them in after you have removed the old ones. HA! I never realized how tall gas pumps are and with the added foot for the sign frame, we're talking not possible for a shorty like me. So I got out the 1' high plastic utility step I keep in the trunk for times when I can't reach or see to the back of top shelves. It just fitted on the raised base of the tunks. I ofcourse could not see the slit but could feel it. So to remove the old signs- no go. I took a large Philips screw driver to assist in pushing up and enough came up that I could grab. I also thought I could use my utility knife to cut them out. No! What they did not say was that there is a permanent metal linging in the frame and you have to squeeze the new plastics on each side to get the new ones in after you manage to get the old ones out. Now remember, I am disco-ordinated do to the cerebellar stroke. To make matters, there was a lovely breeze for the weather but no so good for putting in pesty signs that would blow. And......there I was on a stool on my tippy toes (thanks goodness for a therapy exercise that allows mw to do it) below the slot and feeling for the slot.


Needless to say, timewise I'm not making a fortune on this job. In fact, they couldn't and wouldn't pay me for the time it took (LOL) but that's ok. I accept that.


Well, I finished 2 stations and have 2 to go and I'll be all finished, after the paper work and faxing for the next session in 3 months.


Anyone know how I can grow at least a foot before then? :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :big_grin:





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hey Phyllis:


:roflmao: why do you get into these odd jobs I m 5'5 stll post stroke I can't even think of attempting stunts like u do, maybe your next job could be as stunt double.




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You could be a candidate for America's Funniest Home Videos :yukyukyuk: Bless you for even attempting these jobs. In answer to your dilemma of growing taller, stilts would work; how about platform shoes?? :kicking: :Ask: :rolleyes:

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Phyllis.. I can picture this.. NOT looking real safe to me. You sure don't want to break anything on your person.. Maybe we can all think and come up with something safer to stand on for you. but it has to be narrow enough to fit on the cement pump Island .. well since I am 2 "s shorter than you are, I think I won't be applying for this job.Take care.. we want you moving into the new place.. in one piece.

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phyllis, bless your heart, you crack me up. i can picture you out there trying to do this job. you have alot of spirit and spunk. can you not find something safer for your person. i agree with bonnie, you want to finally be able to move into your home in one piece. granted it is close to home. are the signs able to come down where you can put the new ones in sitting down, without trying to balance up there. please be careful and try a higher step stool,or a ladder. good luck

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Try it the Groovy way. You just bat your eyes at some Hunk of Burning Love and he will gladly be your footstool or put you on his broad strong shoulders..LOL! And if you blow him a kiss, he'll do the job for you! You can just stand back and watch him flex his muscles...(hubba, hubba)

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Marty, having three feet makes it much easier to learn to waltz!


Phyllis, you really do come up with some odd jobs. I have done a few myself and if I ever need to work again will probably just do what you do and get some way of keeping the cash coming in. Maybe you could take a job closer to the ground next time eh?



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