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14 Months and going





Been a few months - tried logging in but had some errors- guess i got in now


Mohamed Farhaan - has regained 80% speech - more strength in upper body

EATS him self ( a lot might i add) - gaining weight now - need to implement a diet and some exercise - still a bit emtional

still has spasms in both legs - contemplating going on this drug for spasms - spoke to neurologist - he said that spasms caused by inflamation of nerve - will take years for this to subside if it ever does


Farhaan has become a bit more independent - wheeling himself around - oral communicatio has improved tremendously.


Just want him to be the boy he was - running jumping cycling again



since stroke, tremendous improvement noticed - from bilateral paralysis

improvement and recovery exists albeit very slow :Clap-Hands:


All other assumed cognitive, perception, speech processing problems associated with Farhaans brain stem stroke non existent :thumbup:


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Thank you for the update! :big_grin:


Progress can be at a snail's pace, but it continues. He's determined - which is excellent.



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hey Zain:


I was so happy to see your blog and update about Farhaan I often wondered how you all are doing, I am so happy for Farhaan's recovery so far, you could look that part of Farhaan as worst of his life, now it could only get better. Farhaan is lucky to have great family support, & parents.




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Wow! That is so AWESOME how far your son has come since his stroke. Please keep us updated. All the best to you and your family!

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