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Various Ramblin's from a Ramblin' Guy



Well, this is the month I get my first SSDI check. Yea! It has been a long and painful process, but I am starting to breathe easier knowing I'll have some income coming in soon. I have been living on the generosity of my church and friends for several months now, and I'm feeling like I'm a bit of a burden to them. I will be eternally grateful to all that have helped me during this time.


I went to the doctor a few weeks back because my blood pressure was shooting up and I got concerned. I think the stress of living like I have had to do is paying a toll on my BP. I'm on medication now to lower it, though it seems to not be working just yet.


I love my primary doctor. He is a great guy and I never mind waiting at his office until he is able to see me. I can expect a simple visit to be roughly 2 hours at his office, but in my mind I never regret the time spent waiting, because he always takes the time to explain everything and readily answers questions. I just picked him randomly from my old job's insurance book when I needed to change my primary doctor after moving to Sacramento from the San Francisco Bay Area several years ago. Boy, did I get lucky. My last three visits he has not even charged me, knowing I'm without insurance and little resources to pay.


I'm still able to keep the Internet radio station I operate afloat. I am very happy about that, as I came close to shutting it down several times over the past three months. I put a lot of effort into the website and the programming and hated the thought of taking it down. I've had just enough money to keep it going, and the threat now has passed with income rolling in. This hobby has kept me busy and I have been truly blessed by being able to learn new skills and putting them to use.


The weather here is a bit back and forth now that fall is here. When the weather changes, my CPS kicks in and I wind up with more down days than during the summer months. We had a front push through last night and I am feeling it today, though the burning is not as bad as the last time weather rolled through. I have been unable to find any medication that gives relief, have tried many, so I learn to live with it.


I have the need to take care of a couple of things before hosting chat today, so I'm wrapping this up now. As always, keep looking up!




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Bob, glad life is coming right way up for you again.


I love your positive attitude and know that living life to the full comes at some cost. I am sure the radio station brings pleasure to its listeners so glad you are still able to keep it going.


Thanks for being a chat host, it is such a lovely time of fellowship, support and goodwill.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Glad the SSDI is finally coming through, and the radio station is still going. I know you worked really hard on it, and I am so Happy it continues for you.Hopefully... with some of the stress ...less your BP will get under control. Last visit my BP meds were cut in half.. MY BP was too LOW.. Thanks for your time hosting here. I know with the radio station and CPS you are busy, or may not be feeling up to par. We really appreciate ALL our hosts here.Stay Well..

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So glad your financial worries are being reduced now that SSDI is coming through for you. The radio station is enjoyed by many plus the hobby of it has, I'm sure, helped you as well. I wish that you could discover a med that would help alleviate the CPS for you.

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Hey Bob--I am so glad to hear things are picking up for you now! I hope it keeps going for you in a positive way. Love your attitude. I think attitude is the best medicine/weapon we have going for us. Take Care. LK
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You GO Bob! Finally, the ssdi is kicking in...I'm so glad for you. Now hopefully your stress will lower and BP can come down a bit. The weather is changing here too, in Monterey, it's getting colder and the rain has started. Wishing you well Bob!

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bob, woo hoo, that is great news. don't spend it all in one place,lol. the long fight is over now. i'm sure its a huge relief to you. i hope the check comes quickly for you.

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