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Weight Watchers after ThanksGiving



Stroke Survivors are typically courageous. I had the courage to show up at WW even after a weekend of festivities that clearly went beyond my usual consumption of several days. My longtime friend, Lee, came to St. Bruno for her annual visit to Quebec. This involves much eating out and little home cooking, lots of deserts and sleeping in. Saturday night we had a great dinner in a bistro that the husband of one of Carl's collegues at work opened last winter. I wisely chose to have salmon with a salad entr


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:Clap-Hands: Pat - that is super - and even with the extra eating. You must not have overdone it as you thought you did. Plus the walking helped to burn extra calories.

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Dear Pat--I am so tremendously happy for you! From your description of what you consumed during that weekend of delectably groovy repasts (anymore would have been a mediocrity), you ate healthfully and evened out the extra calories w/ exercise.


As you lose weight, you will find one of the benefits of eating healthfully is that your body begins to burn energy more efficiently. I think you have gotten to that point.


I never believed in diets (easy for me to say, I was never overweight) but to enjoy food and eat healthfully. I don't believe in denying yourself desserts which means it does not entitle you to have a dessert every night.


Weight Watchers is a good program and they will help you learn to maintain. Using this program and exercising, you will see you will have a beautiful body you will be proud of. Eventually, you will have to learn and make eating well a life style, not a diet. Keep it going! You're doing great. Take Care. LK

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Congrats Pat. As i Was reading your blog the food sounded delicious. maybe i dint gain weight reading.(LOL)Glad you had fun and friendship.. I think a little dessert once in awhile helps us keep on track.

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That's awesome Pat! You indulged a bit, exercised and lost weight..you should be proud. Glad to hear you had a good time with your friend. I am on day 6 of my Nutrisystems program and I have to say, I really like the plan, the food and even the soy chips!

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pat, congrats on the weight loss. all that mattered was having a good time with your friend, which you did and lost weight to boot. don't be so hard on yourself. you are able to walk a good distance for exercise and thats a good thing as martha would say. keep up the good work.

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