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The new doctor



I HATE change! For 15 years I have gone to the same Dr. He left the state and sold his practice to a bimbo Dr. I just could not take him! so..........I had to find a new one. I started out in library looking at the books that have every doctor in the US listed, their age, address, and I think school attended and residency.......I listed suitable ones. To me a US or good Canadian University, a private practice, not young but with a few years, a man (I'm a (fe)male chauvinist pig, and things like that. I hate telephones so if an email was listed- great. Then, I went to the computer and looked up the Florida Medical Quality Assurance and checked there. It gives the license info and goes a little further. Of course this form is filled out by the Dr. and it is possible that some things could not be completely true. It goes into insurance they carry, any reported problems, suits etc. any office such as chief of Staff for instance, organizations they belong to (Medical Associations etc) and tuned my choices. I asked a friend of my sister who lives in the area if she knew about any of these Dr.s. She only knew one because a friend had dated him (LOL!). Not exactly whatI was looking for. So, one had an email and I sent an email and asked if he was accepting new patients and said I'm old fashioned and didn't wish to see a physicians asst. which are getting very popular here. I received an answer saying that he sees 2 new patients a week and to call. He explained that he did not accept medicare but that they put the claiom through and I would be sent the return from them. OK, I called and had to wait about 6 weeks.


Today was the day. I could feel my stress building and I was almost flying by this morning. My problem is I stress so badly that my pressure goes sky high. I have asked every Dr. if they knew of a legitimate hyptnomist, not a charleton and of course did. I knew one in south Florida but when I needed him, he had akready died. And my neurologist was also a certified psychiatrist- a great combination and I've had both types of treatment from him if he saw I was up-tight. He saw my problem but could not get through to me. I began to think that I had chosen someone who would not understand my way of thinking. I was a few minutes late leaving and had thought I had left enough time, I had looked at the directions on yahoo and started to proceed. I have gotten crazy directions before and when I went down the street where I felt it was and could not find it I asked a man who walked out of an office. He was helpful but wrong. He said it must be the other side of US 1. (The hospital was at the far end of the street and although I have gone to Dr. on hospital "campuses" did not think that that could be it. So I went to the other side of US 1 and could not find it but was at the place where I get my blood work done and went in there and asked for help. They said- "It's in the hospital" so I went back. Now the hospital is made up of many buildings and the parking lots were full. I asked a man in a med outfit and he said he was new there and didn't know. I finally drove so far out, I felt like I was in another city (well not really but a good walk) I tried to call from my cell phone but didn't dial it right- area code or 1 first or something..... so I started to walk and hoped I'd find it. I was so glad to find a shuttle which picked me up and drove me to the correct door. When inside though there was no directory, so I went into the first office (also a Dr.s) and was told the y had only been there a few days but they had a card and called the number and got the directions- up the elevator to the 3rd floor, make a right and first door on the left. Even I could then find it. I was late, I was nerand I had to make a pit stop by then. Well, to make this long story short, he was very understanding about my whole situation and things went well. If I had blown my cool completely, they probably wouldn't have to call 911 but just push me through the sidewaks. LOL! All ended well. I am slowly unwinding, but happy with my choice. :cocktail:


BTW, know when you are asked, Do you smake? Do you drink? and here is now a new one, Do you wear a seat belt?


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Hiya Phyl,


Glad all went ok with new Doc, once you got through the threshold. It was super he was understanding. I've never been asked about wearing a seatbelt, that's a new approach but also important in the scheme of things. You had quite an adventure, but you did it! :thumbs up: :Nodding: :Clap-Hands:

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hi bonsai. it is good you went through all of that research to find a new dr. sorry you had trouble finding him but you did and had a good visit with him and thats what counts. just remember to wear your seat belt. maybe that question is to see if you are a responsible person or something like that,lol anyway lets hope your relationship with him is a good and long one.

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Hey kiddo Glad tht event is over and it worked out. I have seen some questioners that ask if there are guns in the house. are they locked, and yes do you wear a seat belt .. I don't like changing Dr's either. having been in the medical field, I did know some things and some of the Dr's and could also ask Dr's or other nurses for recommendation.

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You must have the best eyes in the world to be able to read the small fonts in your blog. I'd love to read some of your entries but I can't! :(



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OooooohBonsai, my eyes were straining to read your blog...such a small font. Anyway glad you like your choice and things went well even though getting there was a bit of a loop. But you made it. Now breathe and let go of that stress Girl!

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