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kids moving out



well the kids informed me this week that they are moving out next weekend, boohoo. i didn't want to hear that but i do ubderstand why they are moving out. they just got married in march this year but prior to that, their lease expired at their apt and wouldn't be renewed, they made to much money for the gov't subsidized apt they were renting. they were so stressed prior to getting married and not alot of time to find a new place, so my son asked us if they could move back here after they got back from their honeymoon cruise, until they could find a place and save up some money. i was elated to have them here. i didn't get to complete the cycle with matthew of growing up and moving out, like most kids do. my stupid stroke hit while he was still at home and i certainly wasn't able to do things like i used to. but he was always there for me. he and i are extremely close. but now he is grown, married and in nursing school and starting out with his new wife(my daughter as i call her). they found an apt 10 minutes away from her work and matts school is within walking distance and they are only 20 minutes from me. they got a great move in deal and couldn't pass it up. the gas prices were draining their pockets and i understand that, so it makes sense to move. i was hoping they would be here til 1st of the year. i have enjoyed having them here and their critters, especially dawson. he is like my grandbaby. he is such a love and company for me during my days. i will miss him terribly but i will have visitation rights they said,lol the cats will stay here for a few weeks until they get the pet deposit together. i just hate them leaving, they added so much to my comfort zone. they are newlyweds after all and now i will get my garage back when they move their stuff out. i wish i could clone or kidnap dawson from them,lol my dog stimpy is 13yrs old, partially deaf and can't get up into my lap anymore, i miss the cuddling and dawson is always in my lap with kisses and hugs. i guess i'm whinning but i don't like change anymore. the good news is my oldest son, marc might be coming out for xmas. that will make me happy, i miss him too, he was here for the wedding but couldn't stay long because of work. we have so much fun as a family when everyone is here. i wish kids never had to grow up and leave home or at least my kids. i am very proud of my sons. marc is a cabinet maker and supervisor at his company and matt will be a nurse before to long. now i'm just bragging as a mom. the greatest accomplishment in my life has been my boys and surviving the stroke. now i know why i am still here for my kids. thankyou god.


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Maybe you could think of adopting a younger dog.. there are many resue dogs that need homes. If you like a specific bredd you can type in.. ..min pin rescue or dauchshaund rescue. Another site.. is Furbabies.It is good the kids will only be 20 min away. Thank goodness for longdistance plans, e mails, and IM. :)

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Hey Kimmie, you and I think alike. I love my kids and want them close by. I hate the fact that two of my grandkids are so far away (1700 miles away) and miss them terribly.


Bonnie's suggestion of rescuing a "used dog" sounds like a great idea, you save a life and buy a new friend. You are right to be proud of your kids, you did a great job of making them good citizens.



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hey Kimmie:


you have every right to brag about your kids, we all have, I think that is the reason I survived stroke to see my kid grow up into fine humanbeing, get married and give me few grandbabies to play with. I will be so happy.




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Brag away dear friend - you have plenty to be proud of with your sons. At least Matt and your "new" daughter will be close by. I hope you are able to look into adopting a baby. It's nice you will have "visitation" though with Dawson; the lovable baby-doll.

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