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I have said before how important it is to have a spouse by your side, but I amend this today. A spouse is the greatest asset, but family is also important, my daughter cannot understand what I went through, but she can make me laugh, and that is good all by itself. My grandson, only 2 doesn't even know how funny he can be but I enjoy his antics so much. To all out there, keep your family and friends close! So important I cannot over emphasize! :yadayada:


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Amen to that John. Also important is pets. My cat, Crystal, provides so much unconditional love and laughter at her antics.

Well we had a dog but he proved too much to care for with our current situation. Maybe someday we will have a dog again. I love dogs, grew up with a family dog.


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howdy john. i agree with donna. my pets are my sanity at times. they show me so much love and are a huge comfort to me. they don't care that i am different now and have to watch out for my cane. i also hope you can get another dog in the near future. they keep me at a peaceful state most of the time. my son is taking his dog when he moves this weekend and i will miss them both terribly, changes do have to happen at times in our lives. i'm glad you had such a good visit with your daughter and grandson. that always makes you feel better and forget your troubles for awhile.

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Thanks Kim. I ended up a grumpy bear yesterday but pulled out of it today. I don't see a dog in the future for a little while, we are out and about so much now that it is hard to keep a dog exercised, fed and happy.

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