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my busy life

cheer mama


Sorry everyone that it has been so long since I blogged. I have been keeping up with all of your adventures. I was busy settling my DD into college. I have also been going with my DH to some of his business events.

My DD decided to go to a nearby state university. Austin is about 11/2 hours by car. She is really enjoying being away from home. ( of course the cats and I miss her terribly) She loves going to football games and says her classes are going well too. DH and I are going out to visit this weekend for parents weekend. She seems to have adjusted well to college life. I was worried that the University would be overwhelming as it is very large. She recently mentioned that she is really missing cheerleading and is thinking about trying out in the spring. I hope she does as she is very talented and spirited.

I recently went with my DH to San Antonio for the weekend. His company was invied to play golf in one of the charity tournaments held there. This is the third year he has done this, but the first time I tagged along. It was fun to stay at the beautiful hotel and eat out at all of the yummy restaurants. It was like a mini vacation.

In a few weeks I get to go with him again. I may have the opportunity to have a massage at the spa. Have any of you had a massage post stroke? If so please tell me all about it. I may just chicken out and have a manicure.

Thats all I have for now. I will try to blog again in a few weeks.




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hey Marden:


you indeed have great busy life, time just flies by when things are going on great, I just remember in your last blog you were talking about Prom night and now your dtr is in college. you must be proud mom.


Thanks for updating us about your busy life. It is good to know life does go on post stroke.




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I am so glad for your DD. I can just imagine the wonderful life experiences she will have in college. I sent my oldest son to college at the age of 18 (I always thought I would have my kids work for a couple of years before going to college because I saw so many kids goof off during college. I paid my way, so I didn't like to see the wasted money. My son got just about all A's in his school career so I had to send him to college right away. Kids will make a liar out of you everytime LOL). So, first of all, I never thought I would send my son to college at the ripe old age of 18 but never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I would have to encourage him to go out to parties! He was always studying! He received his bachelors in Chemical Engineering and only AFTER graduating did he decide he didn't want to do that. Now he is studying mathematics at U. of MD. On his own penny. He is working on his Masters now. I am excited for your daughter.


As to you having a massage and your concerns for a massage after stroke. I was lucky enough to have a couple of massages before stroke and I haven't had one after but I would imagine it would be a great experience and perhaps you would want more! I hope you try it and let us all know. I have been in a whirlpool/jacuzzi and that was very relaxing to my muscles, especially my neck. Good Luck. Take Care. LK

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Glad to hear all is going well with your daughter at school. Yes, it just seems like last week you were telling us about Prom. Time sure flies. Enjoy your mini vacations. I've never had a professional massage although my kiddo (when I beg) will give me about a 2 minute one on my back. Feels good. Keep us posted - I'd try it.

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