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Sad report



It is with sadness that I inform you of the demise of the Bonsai Watermelon. The main artery through which it received oxygen and water/food has dried up; there is no hope of any recovery.


Later today, I will be performing surgery to extract seeds for future generations of this strain. The autopsy, examination will have a picture taken for future comparison and research.


I will then perform the last test and that will be "to taste".


No doubt there will be a report given on tonight


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AWWWW, sorry about bonsai watermelon... hope he is as tasty as bonsai friend..cantelope. Will be looking forward to the autopsy report..

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phyllis, i am so sorry to hear about BW. we all had such high hopes for a favorable outcome for it. perhaps the autopsy will shed some light as to what caused its demise. how sad. but there's always next year. RIP my friend. hopefully he has gone to the big watermelon heaven garden and will once again thrive as he was meant to do. just remember to keep your eye on the sky,lol.

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I know it may still be early on, but have the arrangements been made yet?

Please keep us informed or would you prefer for donations to be made to the Florida DOA in its name in lieu of flowers.



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