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Another day, but a Friday



Well its Friday! I leave work early today and head south east to the seashore, hoping for good weather for the weekend. Don't expect summer, just some sun and mild temperatures will be nice. I heard on the news how many folks are wishing to move out of Jersey beacause high taxes and cost of living. I say "People you must not be living in the right part of Jersey. Get close to the OCEAN! It is worth whatever it costs! Hey! I made Associate today instead of Newbie!! Hurray! :Clap-Hands:

-JohnI :laughbounce: :bouncing_off_wall:


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hey john, sounds like a fun weekend ahead for you. i do hope the weather is good for your outing. congrats on becoming an associate. good job. keep up the good work.

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hey John:


wishing you wonderful weekend. my friends at work used to tease me that you have to pay to get out of NJ. I love NJ I am close to ocean, NYC,philadelphia & Indian hub & family.



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Hope you have a great weekend. Congrats on becoming Associate Member. Following is the breakdown of how the levels are achieved based on amount of posts a member accrues:


New Member 0

Associate Member 25

Member 50

Senior Member 100

Mentor 150

Senior Mentor 500

Chief Mentor 1000

High Chieftain of Mentoring 2500

Maximus Mentorus 5000

Ceasar Mentorus 10000

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You're right the shore is beautiful. I'm much further north than Wildwood and considering a townhouse goes for at least a million, I'll deal with my 25 minute ride to the beach.

Congrats on making associate member.

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