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New form of therapy! And it WORKS!



Donna, Kimmie and Kristina; Asha and all other adults with Hemiplegia from a Stroke or Brain Imjury this is a new treatment and Management called NEURO-IFRAH (Neuro-Integtative Functional Rehabilitation and Habilitation)


I have heard of this since almost its beginning. Two therapists from the acute Rehab I went to were sent to California to learn the system. Last year, a woman I know who had not gotten very good therapy (no thanks to her HMO) was given the opportunity as all of us at Stroke Support were to take a weekend being a guinea pig for area therapists to learn the treatment from the two. In those 2 days, the woman was helped more than the 2 previous years she had therapy.


The downside is I don't know whether insurance, medicare, Medicaid etc. pay for it, however, while it isn't cheap, it is nothing like stem cells or visits to China and the results that we had heard from those places, do not = their cost. This does and isn't not anywhere near that much.


So, this is free info which you may check out and see if this is available in your area and possibly if it is going to be taught and you possibly can get to be a guinea pig and try it. And they may have a trial for very little before you actually start up. Here is the website which we all can get on the internet:

www.NEURO-IFRAH.org Tel. (858) 550-1455 FAX (858) 550-5977


The home base is in Santa Cruz, California


The reason I mentioned those individuals in the beginning is because they 1st 3 use an AFO. This will no longer be necessary; and Asha, you've mentioned your hand - there is help for that too. I realize you may say but it has been x number of years since my stroke. Obviously it would be better not to have to undo habits but the new training is possible- may take a little longer, I suspose . It is certainly worth looking at the site. All prices are given which I suppose be a little more or less. I'm not sure of that. It's only about 3 years old. Check it out.


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Whether or not insurance covers is moot. According to their site they don't accept or process any type of insurance, but if it really works it's worth it.

Thanks Phyllis

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I did receive a reply to my email. Unfortunately, for me, financially I cannot partake in it. I was quoted: "Treatment hours are 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 3

p.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The cost is $250.00/hour a total of 1500.00 per day and $7500.00 per week". Hopefully, at some point, insurance will cover the expenses. I also inquired about trials but did not receive any info on that. But it does sound like a great program.

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thanks phyllis for the link, i will check it out. as with any treatment program that works, the cost is usually sky high and unaffordable to most people but its worth checking out.

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