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quiet and lonely



well the kids have moved out now and it sure is quiet and lonely here without them. dawson has gone to but the kitties are still here, i don't miss dawson's barking, though. my husband swears our dog stimpy is deaf but let me tell you, thats not true, he just has selective hearing,lol. when dawson was here he would bark and then stimpy would join in, my hearing will never be the same. the cats are alot quieter, except when missy is inheat, which is now. i guess it could be worse but i enjoy them anyway. i have 2 male cats and they just look at missy like shes crazy. they can't help her out, thank goodness. the weather is starting to cool down at night now, some neighbors have even lit their fireplaces. its not that cold,lol. halloween is coming and i can't wait to see the kids in their costumes trick or treating, they are so cute. we don't get to many on our street but its fun anyway. today i get my dsl hooked back up, i am so excited, the kids took it when they moved so we had to go through a different service to get ours. i am waiting for the technician now as i write this hoping my dial up doesn't disconnect. boy we sure can get spoiled, can't we. i hate dialup now that i had dsl service. i will be a happy camper again and surfing away.


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hey kimmie:


your animals do keep you entertained, this year halloween will be different for me, last 2 yrs I tagged kido around this year he wants to go with his friends, so I will be busy handing out candies, it sure will be fun doing everything singlehandedly.


your Dog has typical male syndrome selective hearing




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It does get lonely w/o the extra human contact. When kiddo returns from school she makes up for it lol - especially being a teenage girl.


I'm sure your dog does have selective hearing - they all do, male and female alike lol


I'm sure your male cats are looking at the female like she's daffy - perhaps curious as well.


Glad you're getting rid of your dialup. Yes, we get spoiled. I could never imagine going back to it now.





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