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Just to prove I'm still alive



Thought I'd enter an update on the life and times of an old broad named Janice.

Still kicking...or as my hubby says..still walking and talking.....still above ground. Correction, I'm in our basement so technically, I'm below ground level. :laughbounce:

With my inheritance from my dad, we've been having a lot of home improvements done.

One item is we've had a 4 season room added to our bedroom.

Another is we've been having our upstairs repainted and all new woodwork put in...the doors, trim, and floorboards ...going to medium oak from ugly dark pine.

Adding to all the abovel, we're having new carpeting installed to 2 of our bedrooms, One of which is our 'master bedroom' that's all of 10'x12', the other is a smaller bedroom that's 8'X12' of which I'm reassigning it's description as a library/reading room. The third small bedroom which is about the same size as the library will be a spare bedroom. Our master bedroom has flag blue carpeting, the library will be a warm golden brown carpet and the spare bedroom already has a burgundy carpet. The livingroom and hall already has a tan berber. Our whole house is about 825 square feet,but the 4 season room adds about 144 more, since it's 12x12.

Next projects will include putting up wall decorations and window treatments and lastly doing some landscaping with the remainder of our back yard...I want a water fountain or something..some sort of water feature.

Anyway, that's what's happening at the Stern household. :happydance:


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hey Janice :


thanks for updating and letting us know you are still above ground. your home improvements sounds wonderful and how do you make room four season room sounds like 4 star room.



Asha(still here kicking and screaming and getting older day by day)



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Yes, glad you're still above ground. Same here- still walking, talking, and pestering my daughter (that's my goal in life now) lol.


Your renovations sound absolutely fantastic. I bet you guys are enjoying having the additional space. Before we relocated, we had about 950 sq ft - now we've got over 1300.

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Hey Ray's still kicking along too. I am too. Above the ground and out of the flames...lol.


Good to have an update from you Janice, I always wonder when someone goes silent if all is well with them and their household.


As the others said the renovations sound fabulous, maybe you can post pictures of some of the rooms on the Gallery so we all get to "see" them. It is good to do something really worth while with a legacy. Good for you.



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Glad to hear from you, sounds as if you have been busy picking out carpet and things for the house.The 4 season room sounds really nice.

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