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my amazing weekend

cheer mama


Hi everyone, first let me say that I am not trying to brag about my experiences but meerly trying to encourage all of you to experience all that life has to offer you. Don't hold yourself back because of your handicaps. (most of it is in your mind anyway.)

As you may remember I have told you that I am very stubborn and I won't be held back from living my life and you shouldn't either. Life is too short!

Now to my report. My DH ( dear husband) was invited to a business meeting at a resort. The sponsor company decided to invite spouses ( an extremely rare occurance these days ). They had a golf tournament for the business invitees and some activities planned for spouses as well. My DH was worried about me attending these without him. The first activity was a short bus tour of San Antonio. I didn't take my wheelchair brcause it is a pain on and off of a bus and its difficult to push on city streets, although my DH does it extremely well, he wasn't on the trip as he was at the golf course. Everything went fine. We went to a glass blowing studio and watched a demonstration of their work. Then we went to a historic home that is now a restaurant. And our final stop was at a bar for a demonstration on how to make prickly pear margaritas and guacamole. I even managed to sit up on the bar stool! of course that was before two margaritas.

The next day I had an appointment for a massage while the business people were in a meeting. This was the activity that had worried me. I was worried about getting on and off of the table, no problem , just like a therapy table. Changing in the locker was a little daunting but I didn't fall off of the small stools. I took a pass on the sandals because I new I would be safer in bare feet. I told the masseuse all about my hemiparesis and my spasticity. I was worried that my spastic body would do something weird and unexpected, but it didn't. It was very relaxing and my body just relaxed into it. I would highly recommend this experience to any of you if given the opportunity.

I felt like a"real" or "normal" person after the whole weekend, but we all know that we are never far from being reminded that we are stroke survivors. And I got my reminder when I got home. I was on the phone with my DD (dear daughter) and I tripped and fell flat on my face, in my own living room! Only my pride was hurt.

All in all I had an amazing weekend and I can't wait for the opportunity to come around again. It sure beats sitting at home in front of the tv or the computer. I hope all of you had a great weekend too.




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thanks for sharing your lovely weekend with us, I think it is important to brag about these things I too believe if you don't try new things how will you know whether you can do it or not, life is too short better not wait till it get better, do everything we can do today who knows tomo. I have never done massage here in US thinking too expensive but now I am ging to try it due to your blog.


& we all like to fall in our familiar surroundings to remind us we are survivors. glad only your pride was hurt.




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Yeah on the great get-a-way!!!! Glad to hear all went well. Perhaps your plop on the floor after you returned home was the after affects of the margarueritas :cocktail: - only kidding)


Glad to hear the massage was relaxing and beneficial as well. Hopefully the company has more "spouse included" excursions in the future.

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As I read your blog, I lived vicariously through you. I remember massages. How wonderful they are. I am so glad you had a great time on your trip and through your determination, figured situations out and ended up having a great time.


Do you think the massage helped your spasticity? Take Care. LK

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