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Summer changes



With our South African summer rapidly approaching, I took matters into my own hands and decided a change of shoes was a MUST. I have been wearing these boot type shoes - no heel in black & brown for 1 1/2 years now. SA summer is not the weather for boot type shoes. Before my stroke I was a big shoe person and have still got my favourites waiting for me. This morning I am dressed for work in brown pants, brown summer top and wait for it.... SANDLES!!!! Yip folks, sandles with a small wedge heel - and my ankle is holding up - touch wood!!!! :Clap-Hands: I have also progressed to jumping on a trampoline for 4 mins at PT :i_did_it!:


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Wow, Vicky, shoes instead of boots. You will become a fashionista in no time! And that is part of what being young is about - so good for you.


Summer in acoming here too, so it is back into short sleeves and, at home at least, shorts! Still in longer pants when going out but it is so nice to have an opportunity to bring out the summer florals and feel like a girlie girl (albeit an older one) for a while.


Congratulations on the improvement in the strength of your walking and jumping on the trampoline! who would have thought that possible twelve months back?


(((Hugs))) form Sue.

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wow I am jealous and happy for you, its summer for you and looks like winter is starting here, so we will be freezing while you are going to have grand time in summer hey I am happy atleast one of us enjoying great weather.


congratulations on your new accomplishments, able to wear sandles and shoes are big deal. you have come lon way, how is your accounting classes are going on




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Congratulations on wearing your sandals - I'm sure you looked quite spiffy. Enjoy your summer weather. Great news too on the progress you're making with recovery.

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