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tonya and dawson



i had a great saturday for the most part. the kids brought dawson over for my granny visit,lol he was so excited as soon as he walked in the door, tail was going 90 to nothing, he jumped into my lap and lets just say if i would have had any makeup on, he would have licked/kissed it all off. i was so happy to see him, i started to cry, i miss him so much. but then the kids told me they were in the er most of the day due to tonya's problems she has had the past week, she has been sick with flu like symptoms. since shes around kids, teaching. she is always catching something plus she has allergies real bad, but she has been nauseated and vomiting alot and felt terrible. well the diagnosis was her gallbladder with stones, it all ties together now. so she will be having outpatient surgery soon to remove it. bless her heart. she had an emergency appendectomy when i had my stroke 5years ago. shes had her share of surgerys for being so young. she is only 25. i told her she now needs to watch her diet to avoid flare-ups until its removed. even though she didn't feel good, they brought dawson over to see me. they love their new apt and are settling in fine. they took missy their cat home with them saturday so dawson could have his playmate back. we still have their other cat "trouble" for awhile until tonya is feeling better, she is allergic to cats. poor matt tries to keep the cats cleaned, and brushed to help control the allergens for tonya and the apt is vacuumed twice a day at least. so they do ok with the cats. they are not allowed on their bed or in the bedroom. they love animals as much as i do and she took trouble when her grandmother died 2years ago. her grandmother and matt's grandmother (my mom) died on the same day. we took that as a sign they were mean't to be together. i love my new daughter in law, she is a great girl and i know she will come through the surgery just fine. i might get to babysit dawson again, woohoo while she is recovering. please keep her in your prayers. on a happier note, how bout them cowboys, huh. tonight the steelers, i know donna will be watching with her towel,lol go steelers.


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Sorry to hear about Tonya. I had my gall bladder removed (emergency surgery pre stroke) I was sore for a week. But I felt soooo much better. She may want to watch her diet after for awhile. Diarrhea can be a problem, until the body adjusts to not having a gall bladder. The Dr's did give me some anti-diarrhea medication.. and I carried Imodium with me..(lol) It has been over 6 years now.. and I don't miss it.Glad you got to see Dawson........ We will keep Tonya in our thoughts and prayers. (and you too). glad you have such a great family :)

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Tonya will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad you got to see Dawson for your granny visit - dogs are soooooo outgoing showing their love. Cats are so much "cooler" about it lol.


Congrats, yes congrats lol on your Cowboys game. Yep, my terrible towel is poised and ready to go tonight. Just wish it wasn't on so late here - I'll have to keep my cheering to a small roar as Kiddo will probably go to bed before it's over. She gets up so early for school that she can't last too late (although they do have in-service day tomorrow as it's end of grading period).

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i will keep tonya in my thoughts - i know people who had the gall bladder surgery and felt 100% BETTER - NEVER MISSED THE THING - oops hit the caps button. you steeler fans - i refuse to convert - i am a die hard patriot fan.

glad you got to see your furry family - don't know what i would do without mine. glad things are going well. cheers1 kathy





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