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Let me get back to you on that



Making follow-up phone calls to the 10 resumes sent out this morning by email was difficult. My voice does not sound like I remember. I had a sweet, clear voice. Midway through most phone calls I realize I am slurring and sound slightly drunk. No wonder no one ever calls back when they say they will, but I keep trying. Interviews are tortuous also, I start to get self-conscious and controlling my voice gets hard. After not being able to swallow liquids for so long and the choking all the time though, I am happy to have a voice period. Hopefully over time I will grow back into my voice. I want so much to go back to work, but suggestions from this board about volunteer work intrigue me. Working and helping could be the ticket to this self-imposed isolation.


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hi greta:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. you are on right track volunteering will open up lot of other oppourtunities so don't give up on that.




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hi greta, congrats to you for wanting to go back to work. i was not able to but i tried. my voice too has changed since my stroke. it is now softer and can't be heard by alot of people. to me i am yelling if i try to talk louder. i just try to concentrate on what i want to say, then say it slowly, 1 word at a time. if i am tired, that makes it worse. are you still receiving speech therapy to help you with speaking? acceptance of ourselves after a stroke was really hard for me. i didn't like myself, nor did i know the new me. but i took each day as it came and did the best i could, then i realized this is me now and i have to move forward. i didn't forget who i was before stroke. this was something that just happened to me and i can't change that. like getting in a car accident that wasn't my fault. just do the best you can. explain your voice as getting over strep throat or something. but do keep trying, i hope you get your voice back too. hang in there. good luck.

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Hi Greta,


Hope you achieve your goal of returning to work. You might be harder on yourself than necessary. Personally, I get myself stressed out over deficits and I'm told they're not as bad ad I feel they are.


If it's meant to be for you it'll happen. Perhaps volunteering is your "calling" right now. volunteering could possibly lead into a paid position.

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Thank you Kim and Donns. Yes I am harder on myself it is the only way I can get through this. My 8yr grandson said, when asked about my speech,that I sound the same to him. I know some children are uncomfortable with older people and health issus, But this little boy can still be counted on for a hug and squeeze for his Nana.


There are so many reasons I can find for being paranoid, but I try not to fall into that trap-the economy IS bad right now. My impairments are small to others but they are there. Volunteering is a great idea-since I can't drive I will have to look for something local. And probably the way to accept myself is to realize I may not be able to return to the kind of work I did before, accept what I can do now, and try something else. Perhaps Fred's suggestion of the local Wal-mart.

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hi greta,

good for you for trying again in the work world. for me, and so many others., we were our jobs. before my stroke i really defined myself through my work. i think finding purpose - other than a paid job - is one of the biggest challenges post stroke. i still get myself in an up roar over the job issue. do try to be patient and gentle with yourself as you recover. in the mean time keep accepting those hug and kisses from your grandson - they are a very good prescription for what ails us! kathy

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