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Vision problems from stroke/anyone else?




:bouncing_off_wall: :bouncing_off_wall: My husband, Mike has had vision problems since his stroke in january. All of the doctors and speech therapists know exactly what the problem is but no one gives us the answer what to do. He says it is driving him nuts! Everybody says time should take care of it but so far it hasn't. It is like if he is watching tv and all of a sudden the right side of the screen drops. Then it will line back up again. but he can't really focus with them together. Has anyone else out there had problems with this? He feels like if his vision was okay he might could accomplish more things. Thanks for your input!



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hey fairlakelady:


I have lower quadrant vision loss but with time I am able to compensate and work with it. never experience your hubby like problem. Though I had taken few vision therapy sessions which helped me.




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Have any of the doctors suggested he see a neurological opthalmologist? This is a specialized opthalmologist who has studied how the brain works with vision. It sounds as though he has a condition called homonymous hemianopsia and it causes one side of the vision to "disappear". There is a specialized test that can be performed to determine exactly where the vision is "missing". My husband has suffered from this since his brain bleed in October 2004. There are some therapies that can help some patients. "Time" is not the cure for this condition as far as I know. There is a prism eye glass that may help some. Retraining is also needed in order to scan. Bill's dinner plate still looks real interesting. The right hand side isn't touched and he says he is finished. I prompt him to scan to the right and he is always surprised because he has 1/2 a plate of food left!


I hope you can get some help.

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ann's suggestion about a neuro opthalmologist would probably be of some help to your husband. you might also want to consult with a retina specialist. i've seen both who found that my hypertension and stroke had a lot to do with my vision problems. a fluorescein angiography showed significant optic atrophy in one eye and something called homonymous hemianopia was causing blurred and uneven vision which affected me while watching tv. i was given a vision test and fitted with glasses with prisms which has helped.theses sites have info about vision problems due to stroke --




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I have no left field vision so when I watch tv I dont see the left side unless I look over there. I also have the same problem as arogers husband. Its like whats on one side just isnt there or it can be there one minute then gone as soon as I look elsewhere. This is permanent. The problem is not in my eyes. It is in my brain where the stroke permanently damaged those nerves needed for the vision

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Thanks for all of the comments. I have made him an appointment for june 24th with a neuro-optha....so hopefully we will find out what's going on. He is soooooooooo excited about it every day he asks when we are going. I know that has to be miserable.

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