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Mad about mediations...again...




Larry has been sort of "not himself' the last few days. I've had a pretty crazy work schedule this week, but saw him early yesterday AM and after work, then the same today. He seemed kind of out of it. When I went to visit tonight he was sound asleep at 6PM, and when he work up he was groggy and lethargic. Dinner came, and he wouldn't eat anything (in fairness, I would not have eaten it either).


I went to look at his chart, because something told me this was related to medication. Sure enough: The Kaiser doctor doubled his dosage of Remaron, one of the anti-depressants he's taking. There is a big note in the chart that says they are not to make ANY changes to medications without talking ot me first, but since I don't think his doctor actually reads the chart this isn't doing any good. This is the third time this has happened and I am tired of it!


I emailed the social worker at the SNF and told her this is not acceptable and that I want to be on record with a formal complaint.


I left a voice mail for the doctor and the PA and told them the same thing.


I asked for a call back tomorrow to explain how this happened, and why, and what is going on with Larry; the mood change has been dramatic and I don't like it.


There is a big note in the chart that says that medications are not to be changed in any way without someone first calling me. I am really angry that this wasn't done, again. The doctor only seems him maybe once per week; she has no real idea what's going on with him. I am so fried...I just want to scream, I am so frustrated!


The good news is he's coming home Friday and I'll have more control then. Still, this kind of stuf just makes me so upset. No explanation, no nothing, just dope him up. Aaargh!


Well, I'm too tired to vent any more. I will ask tomorrow for a full explanation of what was done, and why, and see if we can get him back to himself again.






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