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I'm home!




I'm back in Orlando & living with Bob again. I left Bloomington, IL on Wed, June 11 at 6:30 pm and drove straight through for 16 hours, arriving home at 10:30 am on Thurs, June 12th. As you can guess, I drove into the garage, walked into the bedroom and fell onto the bed. I'm certain that I was asleep before my body hit the bed. It was, thankfully, an uneventful drive. I started to feel the sleep deprivation effects around 3:00 am but stopped for gas and sugar and held out. Around 8:30 or 9:00 am, I had interesting conversations going on in my head. It went something like this:


"My eyes are open, no problem."


"Yeah, just keep the eyes open."


"But I think I just fell asleep with my eyes open."


"Hey, as long as your eyes are open, it doesn't matter."


The effects of sleep deprivation are amusing but dangerous. Thankfully, I got Bob on the phone when I started convincing myself that falling asleep with my eyes open wasn't a bad thing. He helped me stay awake and alert.


I am still unpacking and can't wait to get a job. I have one possibility and another phone interview this week. The phone interview one sounds exciting but I don't want to give any details in a pathetic attempt at being superstitious.


Since I am home all day long, I have noticed that there is a squatter in our house - an outdoor lizard. He lives in one of our plants. I knew that he lived here but had forgotten. He isn't all that happy that I am here all day since he previously had full run of the house during the day, at night, and on weekends thanks to Bob's crazy schedule. I wanted to have a sit-down with the lizard just to let him know that I won't be here permanently (crossing my fingers in hope of getting a job soon) but he is ignoring me. He thinks that shunning me is going to work. He is diabolical, that one. We will have peaceful harmony soon enough.


I am happy to be home & re-entry (living again with Bob) has actually been a breeze.



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Glad you made it safe and sound back home and that all is going well. I'm sure you'll be employed soon and Mr. Lizard will have his "space". Have you named him? Perfect pet - he's independent.

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Hey Sherri!


I'm so happy that you're back in Florida - and that you made it home safely! I've had similar thoughts when driving all night - even thinking if I close my eyes for a few seconds, it'll be okay! Thankfully, I realize that's crazy talk and get some coffee or something . . .


Too funny about your lizard pal - I didn't think they could survive in the house without a steady diet of insects at their disposal. He must be a vegetarian. :-)


Good luck with the job prospects - I'm sure you'll find something in no time at all! Let's catch up when I get back from AZ next week!

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