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Well, after being on Short Term Disability since 15 April, my doctors said I could return to work on Monday, the 23rd of this month. After two hospital visits (stays), many MRI's and scans they still aren't sure of what is causing the dizziness, balance loss and severe weakness in legs and arms.


I feel better so I'll just take it easy one day at a time and see how things turn out. But I'm ready for the return to work since I like my job and I get to meet and see many people every day. Of course the extra income won't hurt either with gas and electric on the rise these days.


I haven't blogged since the new format been in use so I hope I get it right. I was probably on the last dusty page so it's about time for a new entry.


I see Tiger Woods will be on Long Term Disability until next year trying to get his knees corrected and rid of pain After winning the U.S. Open and 1.35 million (what a payday?). Now some golf fans want their money back for tickets they bought exprecting him to play the rest of this year.


I found out today I get a big raise when I get back so I can't complain too much.


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Glad you are able to go back to work and hope you do take it slow at first. I'm sure all those customers missed you're "have a nice day" greetings.





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I too am glad you're getting back to work - I'm sure the customers have missed you. Be sure to take it easy and I hope they soon find out what's causing your problems so they don't reoccur.


Whooohoo, you get a raise - that's great news with rising costs everywhere. Hang in their friend.



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Hi Fred


I haven't posted to you in awhile. Hope that everything goes well and that your return to work is a great success.


We will be looking for more posts from you as we don't want your blog to get dusty. lol


Are you still playing one potato two in the garden, or did you have to take a pass this year.


Wishing you only good things in your future and don't spend that raise all in one place eh. lol


Smiles :)



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Yea, I did a by pass in order to take care of me. I think the raise will go for gas and electricity bills.

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fred, that is great news, back to work and a raise. just take it slow and easy at first. i too hope this doesn't reoccur for you. keep us posted on how you are doing once you are back to work.

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