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Getting along




I think that I was so scared about what this weekend would be like that no matter what happened it could not possibly have been as bad as that. And sure enough, it wasn't. Larry and I both had some moments, and there are a lot of things I need to learn, or learn to do better, but it really went pretty well. It's great having him home again.


The home health nurse from Kaiser was here today and answered some of my questions, like: Are you supposed to have to squeeze the catheter bag to empty it?? That can't be right. The answer is that you have to not only flip the little toggle switch on the bag, you also have to pull the end of the tube out from where it's tucked in. Oh. Well, that's another way to do it! She unfortunately doesn't know much about the Hoyer lift, which I also have some questions about, but that will have to wait until the PT comes to the house. In the meantime, I've been able to get Larry in and out of the chair without too much trouble, but it's very hard to move it on a carpeted floor. His new room is also carpeted; I may need to put a laminate floor in there. Money we just do not have right now, though!


I found a temporary solution for the diaper problem: Duct tape really does work for everything! I'll order a larger size next time, and in the meantime it's working pretty well like this.


So, we made it through the weekend. I'm worried now about Cecilia coming on Monday and whether or not she'll be able to manage the lift etc.. I'll just go in late to work on Monday, because I'm going to have to spend some time orienting her (it's pretty hilarious that I'm going to be showing someone else what to do!). I don't know why I thought she could just show up on her first day and I could run off to work, but believe it or not that was my plan. Oh well!






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Glad to hear your weekend went well and that you can look back and find some amusement in the some of the happenings. Duct tape is a wonderful invention though I'm sure they never thought it would be used to hold diapers shut :giggle: . It's amazing how creative we can be in the face of adversity. Good for you!!!

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Guest lwisman


Glad to hear your weekend went well. I am sure Larry is very glad to be home!


Loved your comment about duct tape. About five years ago my nephew and nephew-in-law were here and asked for duct tape. We didn't have any. We do now. :D

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janine, give yourself a bih pat on the back, you did it and it all will be easier the more you do it. i bet larry is so happy to be home now. duct tape has a million uses i think. whatever works, huh. i'm sure there will be additional funny moments as time goes on. it takes time to get adjusted to all of this. larry is lucky to have you.

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