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Yah! It's summer!

I am finally going on a vacation! it's been three years since I got a real vacation. Being laid out from a stroke certainly doesn't count!


I am going to Vegas, so walking will be a must. I am happy about that. It will give me much needed practice.


Going out and doing things has been great. It's always good to test yourself and get out amongst the masses.

Went to a few great concerts and I am going to the San Diego Comic Convention! It's worth the effort.

I went last year when I first learned to walk again. I think back and realize I must have been NUTS! I did fine though, so this year should be a cinch!

If anyone has any interest in going, they are REALLY great and compassionate about helping the disabled. They had several stations to rest and had lots of easy access for chairs and such. I am lucky enough to bypass that this year.


Hope you all are well and are having a good summer...


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Hope you have a great vacation in Vegas. We were there the year before last and stayed at the Bellagio. Wonderful hotel! We've been there several times and always enjoy the Danny Gans show at the Mirage (showing my age). You will be doing a great deal of walking but there's so much to see and do. Have the best vacation possible!



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have a great time in vegas! i used to get there every year and just had a blast! enjoy yourself, take in the excitment and be safe!

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Have a terrific time in Vegas. It's a wonderful place to go. I always enjoyed myself; haven't been there since before stroke. Will look forwrd to hearing your account of Vegas as well as the convention.

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