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16 miles




i found that if i have a destination or a planned route, i can get through these training rides. i'm really misssing my old riding buddy who move to philly, so i'm trying to come up w/ new things to keep me going on the bike...so this past saturday, i made a swimmeet my destination... I knew if i did 3 laps around a neighborhood, then wove my way to the swim meet that i should be on the bike 1.5 hours. it was supposed to be an easy ride and it was until i realized the pool was in the hills! i then had to do a brain workout to figure out the route w/ the lowest grade..almost any street i took was going to be up hill!

I made it to the swim meet, found my friend who had a change of clothes for me. watched the remainder of the swim meet, then she gave me a ride home.


Highlights: not getting too bored w/ the 3 loops, averaging over 10 mph and seeing 2 professional bike teams on the same route!



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Good for you Kim- keep it up - what a thrill that must have been for you; quite a success. Would be great if you could find another buddy to ride with.

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Kim, it is good you have got to the strategy stage now. The thinking will be as important as the pedalling in your future rides. My dad was a cyclist so I have heard a lot of tales of the "route to..." in the past. God bless him.


I think you are doing great.



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