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Tired of Doctors and their attitudes!




We have spent 2 days going to doctors and I am so tired of them and their attitudes. I wish I had more nerves to call their game and tell them what I think. We went yesterday to a neurologist-opthamologists and he kinda looked at us like we were country bumpkins and no need to explain anything to us. He put Mike through a battery of tests. Never bothered to speak to me even when I had to answer the questions for Mike. Then he tells us that Mike has lost half of his lower quandrant vision. I saw the test and the areas that showed the results. Then he tells Mike that next year he can just go to his own optometrist unless he just wants to come back up there! I said wait a minute you mean you are not going to do anything to help him? He just waved his hand as if discarding us and said oh it is quite common with strokes to have this happen, and there is nothing to do. I asked about prisms or something. Well, he says, his is not bad enough for that. I said, so he is supposed to just sit on the couch and try to see the tv and walk around dizzy? Oh well, the dizziness is not the eyes it is the brain. I was so angry I wanted to jerk that little wad of gray hair off his head and say look, THis is a real person, YOU don't know him, nor what he has been through and he deserves a lot more respect and compassion than you have given him! But instead i was ready to burst into tears and just walk out. I spent most of the day trying to get in touch with another doctor to get a refill on his high blood pressure medicine. (which keeps him from having another stroke. and couldn't get her) Finally had to beg another doctor to give him a months worth.


Yesterday was my birthday and I hate to think the rest of the year will be like yesterday. Spent it crying. :happybday:

Why does life have to be soooo hard?? Why can't one thing, just one thing be easy>>>>>I am so tired.



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Happy belated birthday! So sorry for the medical professional you went to for help. People with that attitude doesn't need to be in Practice in the medical field in my opinion. I have experienced at one time the same kind of treatment with a neurologist.


You've got some shopping around to do for another doctor in that field. Don't beat yourself up, he's not the last doctor in that field. Good luck in your hunt for another.

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Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday for yesterday,

And a happy year too.


Not much of a poet but I do wish you many blessings. At the moment your path to happiness is still in the rocky foothills but if you keep on walking in time you will come to the sunlit valley again.


Yep, doctors are there to frustrate us. The idea is to do your research and then stand your ground. If I am paying the fee I am the person calling the shots...right? They don't get paid just for that piece of paper hanging on the wall, they get paid for the practical work they do for you and your survivor. Hold back those tears, look the docotr in the eye and say: "Now you've done the fancy tests what EXACTLY are you going to do about it." If that doesn't work nothing will.


I wish I was close enough to give you a hug and share an hour's chat over a cup of coffee. Hope you and Mike have better days ahead.





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