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Another Trip!

AZ Leah



We leave Saturday for a 12 day trip to Carlsbad, CA. Not a bad drive from Arizona and it will be wonderful to get out of the 100+ degree heat. For some reason I am "confused" with my packing this time, maybe because I have been doing too much and am tired - DUH. I will soon have a few days to do NOTHING except look at the ocean, read, do cross-stitch, listen to calm music when my husband isn't in the condo, etc. (he always has the TV on). Well, I was going to write more but we are ready to leave and we are an hour past our projected departure time. So what else is new. I can definitely see the advantage of having a laptop... then I could visit this site every day and get my fill of sane thinking. Maybe by next trip. Adios for now fellow strokers. Hugs, Leah



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Wishing you and hubby a safe trip and an enjoyable "cooler" time. It's at this time of I year I especially to not regret moving away from the Valley in the Sun.

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hey Leah:


have a great vacation in arsbad. I loved beaches there. can't wait t hear your updates on your vacation




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Guest lwisman


Wishing you a great trip! Do you have an ipod? That way you can listen to music through the ear phones and if you are lucky you will not hear the TV. :D

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