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More doctor appointments




Last week I went to see the pain management doctor. He put me on naproxen for the arthritis and it seems to be working. He also said the knee brace I bought from Wal Mart was not working so I have an appointment on Monday to get sized for another AFO. He also told me the wrist support I was wearing was not helping and to wear the splint which straightens my wrist and fingers as much as possible. Sometime it is discouraging seeing him because he always prescribes medicine. I am up to 2030 mg of meds daily. I guess its worth it. I just wish he had a magical pill that would put me back to normal again :(. Its like he tries to work his way around the stroke and make up solutions for the minor things...but I guess that is his job.

Today I went to see the neurologist. I told him about my headaches and seizure-like feelings so I have to go back for an MRI and EEG to make sure everything is ok. My dad is worried because he just took me off his work insurance since I receive medicaid now and he is scared I am going to use up all of my doctor visits for the year. Has this happend to anyone?

Well in other news I have done a lot of sitting around the house. I only work at my internship twice every 2 weeks so I have had a lot of time on my hands. On Monday I cleaned up my room from 8 in the morning until 8 that night and did laundry (including hanging my clothes on the line single handedly) :Clap-Hands: . My dad was so proud of me that he cried because my room is spotless and I guess it amazes him at how much I can do using one hand. I have also been trying to exercise more. I have been wearing the splint for majority of the day and I try to exercise the arm in hopes of it looking better in time for school. I am thinking of prchasing a Nintendo Wii and buying the Wii fit. I never played it but I know it is an exercise game so it could possibly help with motivation to exercise. Oh yeah I also cooked dinner one day. I made beef stir fry with corn and beef fried rice. I like to cook because it makes me feel good.

Well just in case I dont write again before Thursday, wish me luck on persuading the DMV to allow me to drive.



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My definite thought and prayers are with you for the DMV. I know the feeling about needing more medications. I too wish for the "magic" pill that will cure all that ails us. Until that is invented though we must do the best we can and keep on plugging forward - which you are definitely doing. Be proud of what you can do and accomplish. I, for one, am very very proud of you.

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Have you thought about wearing the splint at night. My OT said it seems to work better when your hand is relaxed, as it is when you are asleep. It took a little time, but I was soon wearing mine all night. I have a different type of splint now. I put it on when I go to bed around 10:00 pm and usually don't take it off until around 4:00 am . Some nights I sleep right through til 6. My hand opens and my fingers are flexible.


I remember what it was like to get my teenagers to clean their rooms. And they had both hands to work with. LOL


If you are concerned about your medication, say something to the doctor. Ask him or her what each med is for. It would give him (her) a chance to review what you are taking.



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Vi is so right. It takes a bit to get used to, but wearing the brace at night is so much better than wearing it all day and you will see a difference after a while.


Dad's tears were of pride for your spirit and determination that we and so many admire. I'm sure he as most of us parents do is realizing that one day you may not need him....Go easy on the poor guy that's a tough reality to face.


The Wii is worth the investment. It's a great therapy tool, it's very motivational and fun to do. W fit will assess you and track your progress. Some of it is a bit beyond what some of our abilities may be if you follow it rigidly, but if you make some modifications and work with it within your scope of ability it's very advantageous.


Best of luck with the driving thing and remember He'll put you where He can keep you safe.

Maria :friends:

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Katrina ~


You are amazing to me in all you do!!! :cleaning: I would cry to if you were my

daughter...Your Dad sounds like a gem and Proud Pappa...He should be, look at all

your accomplishments!

I hope & pray you get your drivers license,,,What a blessing that would be!!!!

I've heard of those WII's, my neighbor said they were good exercise & coordination benefits..

Have a great day...Nancy

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