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Being Positive




Im trying to be positive and grateful for what I have, which is alot. I still have my d-husband. I have a dear friend who is my "sister" (i just wish she were geography closer), and her three children, who i adore and they are wonderful to me. I have some dear friends who live near to me as well and they look after me. I have a job that i enjoy and is close to home and hospital. And I have job security. I like where I live, but i do miss my Mickey being here with me. I have my faith. I have my health, which helps me do the things i need to do. I can still go to the gym and it is a great outlet for me. Oh and I have this website which has taught me many things besides being a comfort and making me laugh. Im sure i will think of more things but I am tired and need to sleep. So for now bye bye.



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