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Potatoes and meat...What a treat!




Hi again everyone


I know that it's been a long wait but I just checked in on the J Room and Mama J posted a new post less that an hour ago and here it is...



Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:56pm

Hello everyone Kyle is having a good few days. Had potatoes and chicken tonight and just loved it. He is getting glasses next week for the double vision and we pray this will help his eyes. Lots of laughs today and hoping to start taking some day trips soon.


Sounds like things have been busy in the J Room and Kyle is still making great progress.


We too hope that the vision thingy can get straightened out.


Sorry for no posts this past week but there has been no posts from the J Room. It is hard to be on the computer when you are being kept sooo busy with rehab. I know from personal experience just how busy they can keep you. (and then they used to wonder why I was flacked out on my bed in between sessions...duh) lol


I also haven't been around the computer much this past week. The weather has been so beautiful here in paradise, where would you expect everyone to be...The beach of course)


So give a cheer for Kyle and I'm back to the beach for a day or two longer.


Smiles :)





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Enjoy yourself Gary - just remember your sunblock.


Look forward to the day when Kyle himself writes his updates. Mom J does a terrific job, bless her heart, but will be great to hear from our recovering friend himself. Potatoes & chicken - yummmm With his glasses, Kyle will get to see all the things he's been missing, including the pretty nurses lol

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You gotta get you a laptop to keep in touch when you are on the go! I had to but the hotels charge for Internet hook up when their bill boards along the highway states they have free high speed Internet available.

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Hi Donna and Fred


Thanks for your comments. Sorry to be so long posting back but I have been on the go a lot lately and not on the computer that much.


In fact I think I ran out of gas sometime yesterday and have been sleeping a lot both yesterday and today.


Anyway the humidity has been playing havoc with my body and I am looking forward to some clearer air so I can feel a bit more normal. That should allow me to spend a bit more time around the computer again.


Take care both of you and talk soon.


Smiles :)



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