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Summer time




I'm still here. I check here every few days. I'm still dealing with the insureance and stuff but I still try go forward. I've found a great lady and stuff is great with us. She visites all the time and its great. We've done alot of walking through Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington/Hamilton. She loves it. We feed the chipmuncks/squirells and birds here. :Clap-Hands: . I want to let you all know i'm still here.


keep smiling :happydance:



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We're glad you keep checking in and think of us even though you obviously have better things to do.

Good for you!


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great to hear from you, I want juicy details of this your lady friend, who is she how did u meet,is it something serious or going to end up in serious relationship. where does she live. I have coutless questions


very happy for you.



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I have coutless questions





We met on the computer (not a dating place). She lives about 4 hours away. We talked for awhile and liked each other. I told her about myself at the start and she didn't care about that. She took the train here in May to visit and stated here for a week and a half. She went home for another 1.5 weeks then came back to be with me. She sayed for another 2 weeks then went home. She could only stay home for 1 week and came back :Clap-Hands: . She stayed for 3 weeks and will come back next week. It feels its going into a serious relationship. We are happing together. She is about 2.5 years older then me. :bouncing_off_wall: She has so patience with me. She said my speech is really good (likes my voice :laughbounce: ) and tries to help with my understanding better.



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Bill, I'm over joyed for you and your lady friend, happiness is the key to any relationship along with understanding which the both of you have for each other. I knew it had to be something keeping you off the computer lately.


SHOULD YOUR RELATIONSHIP TURN TO ENGAGEMENT, please let us know. In the meanwhile enjoy each day and week you two can spend together, I'm really happy for you my man. It took me four tries to get it right.

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hey Bill:


thanks for quiteing down this nosy mind who gets very happy in other people's lovestory. I am strong believer in matches are made in heaven and God has his own way of correcting our behaviour. I don't think I would have ever graduated to love my hubby so much & realize he is my soulmate even with all his & mine quirks


wishing you lot of happiness with your newfound love




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