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A Day Pass!!!...Oh My...




Hello again everyone


I checked in on the J Room and found that Mama J had posted once yesterday and again today.


So here are her posts.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:47pm on July 17th, 2008

hello Kyle is doing great got his new glasses today and making a difference he could read his menu today yes now he is picking out his menu and is excited. He asked me what time is breakfast. He continues to make progress and talking is getting better. Going out on his first day pass on Sat and looking forward to that. Oh to all the gang on 7.3 what an awesome t shirt really miss ya all.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:34pm yesterday

Kyle having another great day eating lots and going out on first day pass tomorrow. Than going to home for the first time in 4 months Sunday for a few hours. His choice of food for Sunday is scrambled eggs and cherry cheese cake quite a combination.


So Mr Kyle is getting out and about.....GREAT!


And home on Sunday. WOW Things are continuing to progress in a positive direction for Kyle and of course we are all so happy for him and his family as well.


I am looking forward to the day when he can write his own posts and join all of his online stroke buddies here at Strokenet.


Smiles :)





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That's wonderful news Gary; thank you thank yiou for keeping us enlightened on how Kyle is doing.


Day Passes - Whoohooo for Kyle. Kyle, do you like your scrambled eggs with cheese melted in them? And cheese cake - quite the combination but good eatin nonetheless. Enjoy your passes and time home with your folks. Glad your glasses are helping; pretty soon we'll have messages from you yourself.


God Bless and (((hugs))) to all.

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woohoo for Kyle. this are all good firsts. now is the day pass than pretty soon going back home & begin new chapter of life. Kyle with your great positive attitude you will do great in your life, I can tell that for sure, since all uncle & aunties have done well with their life before you. so you will do better than us. wishing you all the happiness in the world.




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Hi Donna and Asha


Thanks for your posts. It seems that Kyle is making good progress with his recovery.


I think he has only been in rehab about four weeks and is getting out on day passes.


I can't exactly remember but I think that is pretty much as fast as I did when I was there.


Smiles :)



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