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More kittens




Well, we weren't able to catch Bootsie the wild stray cat who gave birth to 5 kittens back in March and the little tramp got knocked up again and had another 5 kittens.

We've been giving her 'treats' with canned cat food to support her family.

Bootsie is a black with white tuxedo cat with white whiskers...she's beautiful! Her kittens this time are going to be beautiful, too. 3 are grey with white feet, one is all black and the last one is black with white feet like the mommy. Any takers?



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I bet they are totally precious! My Crystal, who turned 8 this year, is a tuxedo. I'll pass lol - our other baby is 10 months old and is still a monster covered in fur.

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Guest lwisman


I remember hearing about how many kittens a cat can process over a short period of time. It was a lot. It is understandable why there is an overabundance of cats in this country. I understand cats are considered one of the most "successful" species in the world. They are everywhere and there are more all the time.


In this part of the world, one cannot adopt a cat that is not spayed or neutered. Of course, there are strays around which could be adopted. It is healthier for both you and the cat to be spayed. I understand that can be difficult with a stray! Interestingly, one of my neighbors adopted a stray. When she took it to the vet it had already been spayed. Must have been someone's pet at one time.

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