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Feeling helpless from a new perspective




My dear aunt had a stroke just a week and a half ago. It has left her pretty much a lump in bed with tubes hanging out of her. She lives about 800 miles from me so there is no way that I can go to see her because I am needed here with my own stroke survivor. I feel so frustrated and helpless so far apart. Long distance communication means I only get brief reports on a periodic basis.


My uncle was unhappy about a decision that I made in my life several years and had cut me off from communication. It has broken my heart but I have tried to keep the lines open just in case. When his beloved wife was struck down by stroke, I could have just figured it was his problem. But I cannot. I love both of them dearly and my first reaction was to go help. I wasn


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Glad to hear the relationship between you and your Uncle is getting repaired and that you are able to "be there" for him in any capacity as he and your Aunt begin to walk the road to recovery. Perhaps he will consider joining Strokenetwork as well.

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