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As for this day: Let me just say that I couldn't make this one up if I tried...


Larry's occupational therapy was scheduled for 2PM, and he could not have been more cooperative. Cecilia (his caregiver while I am at work) and I had it all planned out perfectly. The transit service picked them up right on time, and got them there at 2:00 on the dot. Cecilia had the exact change for the shuttle, as required, and also had the Access Paratransit ID card, Kaiser ID card, notebook, and all the other stuff that she needed to bring, since we had gotten it all ready the night before, just to be sure we didn't forget anything. I left my office to meet them and also got there right at 2:00; we ran into each other going in. Perfect timing! Larry was in a good mood, especially because he had on his favorite gardening hat, which has seen better days and has a burn on it from when we accidentally left it on top of the outdoor fireplace, but no matter! He really likes to wear it now to any kind of medical appointments for some reason. I think it's his lucky hat that protects him from Western medicine, or something.


So, I was in a haze of joy thinking that FINALLY Larry was going to get some therapy. I noticed that the assortment of people in the waiting room seemed a little odd, but Larry in his burnt gardening hat and bedroom slippers and Cecilia in her Winnie the Pooh nurse's smock didn't exactly look normal either, and who am I to judge, anyway?


I went sailing up to the registration window, copayment clutched in my hand, confirmation number written down, name of the therapist memorized, and told the receptionist that we had arrived. That's when she let me know that the office we were in only does...psychiatry! (cue the sound of a balloon deflating) No occupational therapy, no speech therapy, no physical therapy. Psychiatry. Only. Which was convenient, because I felt at that point I felt like a nervous breakdown would have been totally appropriate, but unfortunately I didn't have an appointment and so that wasn't an option. Too bad, it would have at least made the trip worthwhile.


It turns out that the office that does PT and ST is in the same city as the psych office (Lomita), but on another street. The Kaiser appointments person who gave me the address of the wrong facility apparently did not know that there are two offices in Lomita, and of course I didn't know that either, although I certainly know it now and am not likely ever to forget it. I called and talked to her supervisor and let him have it, but the damage was done and there's not much point in being angry about it.


Finally, there was nothing to be done but to call the paratransit service and try to convince them to send a shuttle to pick up Larry and Cecilia earlier than 3:45, which was when they were originally scheduled to be taken home. They did send someone out earlier, but they still had to wait from 2PM until 3:15, for nothing. At least the room had working air conditioning, and so it wasn't as bad as a day at Country Villa Nursing Home Resort, I guess.


Larry was a trooper through all of this and didn't complain about the mix-up. I think he enjoyed watching all of the interesting people...the black woman with platinum blonde dreadlocks who was talking to herself...the very friendly and talkative young man who could not stop pulling up his socks...the lady in the plaid skirt and floral blouse...she definitely had her eye on Larry's hat, which would have totally completed her ensemble. I think Larry was also OK with the fact that he avoided therapy again, and that this time nobody could be upset with him about it. He was either liking the air conditioning or gloating when I left to go back to work, I'm really not sure which and don't think I want to know.


Believe it or not, we are going to try again tomorrow. He has speech therapy scheduled for 1PM, and everyone seems to agree that it's at Kaiser Harbor City, which is the big facility where he was hospitalized for a while. The transit service is scheduled, I cleared my work calendar so that I can be there, and we'll just see what happens THIS time. I could have re-booked today's missed OT appointment for Thursday, but he also has physical therapy scheduled for Friday and I think 3 days in a row of appointments might be overwhelming - I don't want to push my luck as far as getting him to go.


Tomorrow IS another day...ready or not!





(Founder and President of the Kaiser Fan Club!)



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Well, Dear....at least you didn't make the mistake! I gleefully got Bill ready yesterday morning for our appointment for physcal therapy. We arrived for our noon appointment. We weren't on the list.....Our appointment had been for Tuesday. For some reason I had filed Wednesday in my memory bank and that is all there was to it! They were very nice and ultimately suggested they feel Bill is probably better suited for home health anyway since the doctor wants him to work on ADLs. I'm not very optimistic about any of it!!


Anyway, you are obviously the chief cheerleader for Kaiser!!!





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I am repeatedly floored by how far you've come Scarlett. Just 2 short months ago this would have thrown you in to a fetal position with tears of fear and self doubt. You've proven most importantly to yourself that you are a strong and quite competent lady. You always had it in you sweet lady, I'm just sorry you had to discover it the hard way.


Maria :hug:

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I agree with Maria, Janine. You have taken this bull by the horns and it is not going to defeat you. Larry is lucky to have you and he'll come around after he's had more time to accept and adjust.



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you do sound like my favorite fictional character scarlett ohara tomorro is another day and with that attitude you both will do great.

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Yes, you are our modern day Scarlett O'Hara. After all, tomorrow is another day. Got a kick out of Larry's hat. If that hat helps get him willing to leave the house and attend sessions - Go for It I say!!!


You've come so so far and you are a strong woman.

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Well, thank you, everyone! I feel like I just got a round of applause or something...and it's good to hear that I've made progress. It's true - when I think back to those first awful days I really can't remember them very well. It's a blur, but I wrote it all down, and when I look back to what I wrote at that time it is very scary. There were days when I was right on the edge and lots of times when I wasn't dealing with reality very well at all. There are still a lot of rough days, but at least I don't feel like my sanity is slipping away any more than usual.


One of my cats is named Scarlett. She's an orange tabby, and her full name is Kitty Scarlett O'Haira (for the red hair - get it? - it seemed SO clever at the time!). She's a pretty fearless little soul though, and so maybe it fits her after all.


xxx's and ooo's


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