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Simce my stroke, the thing I like to do most is driving. I feel so free. I feel I can move faster without restriction. It makes me feel liberated somehow. One of the first thing I did when I came out of the hospital was to retake my driver's permit. Let me tell you it was cause for celebration to be able to drive again. I hated waiting for somebody to drive me where I needed to go. Even the service we have for the handicapped drove me nuts. First you had to call the night before to book a ride. I am a person who is very compulsive. I can decide one evening to just get out of the house and go for coffee and conversation somewhere, so with para transpo I couldn't do that. You can imagine how free I felt when I could just jump (ha ha) in the car and go. I could not survive without my car. I cam be a week without going anywhere but just to know my car is there and ready if I decide I want to go out gives me a sense of freedom.



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That's super to have that freedom of getting out and on your own terms. Good for you.

With today's technology, everybody should be able to have the same freedom.


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